Murloc Demon Hunter | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Will Murloc Demon Hunter replace Tempo Demon Hunter after its 9th nerf?

Deck Code: AAECAea5AwLDvAPaxgMOxQPbA/4D0AenCLWYA8edA8qrA8m4A4u6A+C8A/fIA//IA77SAwA=

00:00 Deck
01:19 Spell Druid
03:02 Control Priest
05:11 Control Shaman
07:45 Zoo Warlock
10:56 Galakrond Rogue
14:22 Face Hunter
17:14 Murloc(?) Paladin


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19 thoughts on “Murloc Demon Hunter | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. AAECAea5AwLDvAPaxgMOxQPbA/4D0AenCLWYA8edA8qrA8m4A4u6A+C8A/fIA//IA77SAwA=

  2. I always thought wrathscale naga was a full-combo card with command the illidari. You get up to a board of like 4-5 tokens, then drop naga+command and trade off all the tokens to deal an instant 30 damage to random enemies. If you can get up to a full board 6 + 6 its 36 damage.

  3. It's so satisfying watching you pilot a decent aggro deck that just murders people.

  4. ive been hving fun with Token demon hunter and Big Demon control Demon hunter …….. I still think my version of tempo demon huntr will be viable , the 8 mana warlord guy is super underrated and I used him as a way to counter other demon hunters that played the one card that is about t get nerfed but I still think hes going to be just as good even if no demon hunters are playing her anymore

  5. 6:45 Even buffing a single Murloc, Navigator is a 4 mana 5/5, it's not awful — it's just not as good as with a full board.

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