MURLOC HERO IS ACTUALLY GOOD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The murloc master has arrived to save you from 8th place!
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31 thoughts on “MURLOC HERO IS ACTUALLY GOOD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Everyone else:

    Kripp: Hi, welcome to my channel. Let me begin by being the only streamer who finds it necessary to full face stare at the camera and tell you about what will soon be self evident.

  2. I think he's not bad, it's just that playing murlocs is hard. Only a master murloc player like Kripp can manage to win with him

  3. Alright I've been watching these videos for years now… have to say… the zoom in thing is extremely annoying, and completely distracts from what you are saying.

  4. my last flurgl game every sell of murloc i got murloc tidehunter or the 3/3 murloc give +2 was very annoying

  5. HI Krip, question about Makkarell. What if we have 2x Makkarell's with divine shield and one of them is taunt also. If there is no cleaves and we leave only them 2 on the board (taunt to the right, no taunt to the left). Then they win any battle?

  6. imagine being an middle aged man complaining and over reacting about EVERY single unlucky aspect that happens to you, you're so pathethic

  7. I've gotten first like 4/5 times, and went demons the 5th lmao. but he basically just smooths out the high rolling of murlocs. most people force murlocs and or rush 5 but that's dumb. just play good cards and if you get murlocs, great. later if you get a brann you can probably force it, or you just get a few decently sized poisonous ones with whatever build you worked on to get there

  8. THAT'S Kripp's real name? That's like a supervillain name. 😎 I wouldn't even bother with a screen name if that was my name.

  9. I love this hero but it’s so frustrating bc you live and die based on the first few murlocs at tavern 5. Kripp hits such a good batch of murlocs during his first round at tavern 5. You just die at that point if you don’t hit bugurgles, primalfins or coldlights even. Kripp hits a primalfin into a bugurgle, then a triple tidecaller, then rerolls into another primalfin and another bugurgle. That’s a pretty good high roll! I’ve had so many times where I get 4 toxfins in a row ughh!

  10. He's my favorite but i almost never get him 1-1-1-2 with him in 4 games. I just finished in 1st with 38 health and a 13 win streak

  11. 17:34
    "It's good to get some minions in play!" … "Except mice."
    The prophecy has been spoken. Rat nerf incoming.

  12. Im not sure if it adds much, but is there a way you could show the heropower and description in the start of the video Ranja? Sometimes I think I could enjoy watching the battleground videos more if I knew the mechanic of the Heropower earlier. Thanks for all the enjoyment and content you guys brought to me over the years.

  13. I swear to god every time i get this hero 3 other people force murlocs and now im playing with no hero power

  14. The trick that has been working for me to get more consistency out of Flurgl is getting a crowd favorite, because so many of the murlocs have battlecries. Keeping two slots open for more cycling in the midgame is even more important if you do this!

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