Murlocs with no DIVINE SHIELD?! 😱 | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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21 thoughts on “Murlocs with no DIVINE SHIELD?! 😱 | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Is there even such a thing as divine shield poisonous murlocs with no divine shield?

    Also I clicked on the video when it was at 420 views… the dream

  2. Yesterday i played demons with a 116/116 Wrathweaver and a 96/96 Watcher and guess what? Still impossible to win the lobby cus one guy highrolled murlocs.
    Remove Megasaur, put Oracle to 4 idk just nerf Murlocs already…

  3. that is basically why murloc is good, cause the stat buff that you can have can somehow be much better than golden malygos (around 8/8 to everything each turn equals to two murloc health buff)

  4. I got an insane game today where I kill my opponent 3 turns in a row starting from turn 5(dealing around 30plus damage to my opponent in turn 5,6,7,8) and then I loose that game in turn 9

  5. I really like seeing %. Otherwise the fight is just random and not indicative of your strength.

  6. Playing and selling coldlight when there is 2 on board and you have a primal with bran… doing that multiple times… hes trying really hard to lose but the highroll is way too strong

  7. So am I getting this wrong? GM Montréal doesn't provide for regional "expertise" as per languagehacker or your recent explanation stands right: top 3 players from a region can communicate with each other. What am I missing? (sorry for asking but it was the 1st HS event I was looking forward to attending but COVID-19 ruled otherwise. (I live about 30m from the Montréal Stadium) Thanks for your stream and time!

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