MY BIGGEST MURLOCS EVER - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The murloc run to end all murloc runs!
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32 thoughts on “MY BIGGEST MURLOCS EVER — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Is Kripp aware that he looks like a petulant child? I swear.. bitching at even the slightest bad rng. When he gets 2 bagrugle… coldlight, trips both his warleader AND tidecaller…. he doesnt say a word.. and SNEERS when he doesnt get poisonous or divine shield after playing the megasaur he got off his trip.

  2. Unalways give one minion (murloc) taunt and put bran next to it to avoid getting cleaved. Slight misplay.

  3. "His nonpoisonous minions are actually completely useless", he says as a nonpoisonous minion takes one of his divine shields off

  4. I feel like I played vs a Kripp recently — 30/80 murloc, the guy had 16 +2 healths in a row before 10 mana

  5. I really like murlocs tbh I'm only at 4000odd rating tho so maybe it's easier but I find I've been winning quite a lot with murlocs

  6. If you've got the time you should make a compilation video of all the times you lost with murlocs

  7. How most people play battlegrounds: Keep an open mind, look for synergies in what is offered. Only level your tavern if you're sure you can afford it.

    How Kripp plays battlegrounds: Rush to tier 5 and force murlocs.

  8. Makes video about how triple Brann isn’t that good because you win before you can use it. Proceeds to stomp his opponents with two rounds of triple Brann

  9. Man. I need to stop playing on mobile. I was impressed with how much time he had to do crap. The last game I played in fact was crazy in a similar way. I got a Golden Brann with a Golden Primalfin. I ended up wining that game with a tier 6 redemption (whatever they're called), Megasaur, and a Golden Rockpool Hunter left in my hand. My stats weren't as big as Kripp's Murlocs, but they were all poisonous, divine shield, 50+ health so that doesn't matter so much.

    Seriously, playing on mobile is playing this game on hard mode.

  10. "I am the best murloc player in battlegrounds"
    proceedes to pick up plant-deathrattle EVERY FUCKING TIME and keep not getting punished for effectively making your board WAAAAAAY worse.
    Yeah. Well played. Sure.

  11. Imagine if somebody told you back in 2017 that Primalfin Lookout is going to be one of the best cards.

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