My Favorite Druid Deck at the Moment | Mechathun Druid | Wild Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

Dear Diary,
today I thought about a title for the video and could not find a good one so I used a very simple and easy to understand sentence. Mechathun Druid can draw tons of cards (if you get auctioneer) and can easily go to 30+ armor. The only concern I have is that Skulking Geist is a card that no one plays at the moment but might be what we encounter more often in the future

Against any Hyper aggressive deck you need oaken summons into 2x Pyromancer to blow up their stuff. Just set it on fire and let it burn (good song btw). You Think that Mechathun Warlock is good? Well, you are right but Mechathun Druid & Priest seem to be even faster but less reliable


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31 thoughts on “My Favorite Druid Deck at the Moment | Mechathun Druid | Wild Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

  1. always see big priest lose is good in life
    could u try mecathun hunter?
    I try it and go bellow 40% winrate

  2. Just call all the decks broken, broken rouge, broken druid, broken shaman…

  3. You sure your first match was at rank 5? As a otk snip-snap warlock user, that warlock damaged my fucking eyes.

  4. Hey man, try this: remove Acolyte of pain(or someting else) and put in Jepetto joyride -> Mechathun 1/1 for 1 mana, so you can kill it with Moonfire, If you hit your mecha T'hun early then with your gadgetzan auctioneer you can cycle Innervate and both naturalizes and even kill Thun with Wild Pyro

  5. I once faced a Mec'thun druid, his deck was : skulling geist, 1 Mana spells, poison seeds, Mec'thun and Dreampetal florist (with 2 witchwood piper). He killed me turn 8.

  6. Mr Solem I own the 1 mana legendary spell of Dr.Druid, do you think it's a good inclusion to the deck? I'm genuinely interested in putting it together since I have all the cards.

  7. But why are you playing Healing Touch? Its so ba-a-ad, man. I feel like 1-mana spell that heals 5 or deals 2 would be better. Also I've played a lot of Mecha'Thun druid when it was in standard, and I'm surprised to see only 1 pyro and 1 acolyte, they're just mandatory if your auctioneers are in bottom 15 or bottom 10… or bottom 5. Happens too, and still winnable. I'm not sure if you really need 2 copies of living roots over the crystall power (or how that 5/2 spell is named), usually you don't fight for the board with creatures, while extra 5 heal can do the work.
    Playing version with 2 pyros and 2 swipes, I was quite sure that I will beat odd pally 70-80% of the time, while with this version I doubt even 50% wr. Well, maybe now they're all playing +2 hp secret, but still only 1 aoe in the whole deck without even targeted draw seems squishy. Like, no auctioneer turn 6 = turn 7 concede.

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