My Favorite OTK Deck! Corrupted Healbot Priest OTK! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Wild Shadow Priest OTK combo deck is to use Corrupted Healbot and Zombie Chow combined with Auchenai Phantasm or Embrace the Shadow! We do this by having Healbot and/or Chow die at some point during the game. Then, we play Auchenai or Embrace, and some combination of Twilight’s Call, Circle of Healing, Flash Heal, and Renew! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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20 thoughts on “My Favorite OTK Deck! Corrupted Healbot Priest OTK! | Hearthstone

  1. I am soo going to try this one.

    By the way, you got to admit that you were kind of fortunate opposed in your other videos on your second run as you had the whole combo on turn 3 or 4 already. 😀

  2. I've always liked auchenai priest. It has an unbelievable burn potensial and makes the threaten emote "the light shall burn you" meaningful.

  3. 4:45 that is one SMOOTH combo. really flexible cheap and potent. Why isnt this meta? i think the new(ish) 4/7 which heals the opponent for 5 could also be useful in this deck as when you play the original it gives you a strong board presence. I guess the zombie chow is better as it can be thrown in to the OTK as a cheap 1 mana 5 damage, without the need to come from the twilights call as the 4/7 would have to. Absolutely beautiful though!

  4. You gaining a little weight bro? I love ur videos but I haven’t watched in a bit and ya look a lil swollen my dude.

  5. Mark this is a totally wild idea, lemme know what you think. Back when they first released quests, I had auchenai soulpriest on the board and played Amara, which instead of setting your hp to 40, it subtracts 40. I'd be curious if there is a way to get mirror entity as priest, hand it to your opponent with lore Walker Cho (to duplicate auchenai), then play mindvision with no cards in hand except Amara, opponent gets Amara, he/she plays Amara, and u clap them cheeks

  6. Its funny that you decided to make this old combo deck, i ddi the same the other day, apm priest is so fun

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