MY FIRST ARENA GAME THIS XPAC - Ashes of Outland Hearthstone

Hearthstone Arena — Pre-nerf Demon Hunters in Arena. This needs to stay as a reminder so people never forget this atrocity.
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23 thoughts on “MY FIRST ARENA GAME THIS XPAC — Ashes of Outland Hearthstone

  1. Demon Hunter is pretty good but that has nothing to do with this game…that guy was just really lucky.I think battlegrounds fans sabotaged this game so Kripp will never return to arena again.

  2. this is not DH, this is because the game is broken. Either this is a guy from blizzard that hacks and has exactly the cards he needs or it is an AI with the same rules — and this is arena 😀 😀 In ranked last weekend I had 12-13 games like this in a row. And Alexstrasza created 2 times Malygos aspect of magic. + another dragon. Guy played Alexstrasza played the 2 dragons — one of them Malygos. And later he again played Malygos — game told me — created by Alexstrasza. And had Galakrond in the deck without cards that invoke Galakrond. He just needed Galakrond, cuz he was running out of cards

  3. OG kripp pre battlegrounds would play around that zephyrs since Finley was active. He would brag about his play and still lost, but, he would play around it

  4. well they've had several years of figuring out the game, how it works, and how to properly balance so I'm sure they can add a class and not make the game garbage…


  5. Can they just ban Dragonqueen from arena. It makes a 5 win deck potentially 12 wins and it's just far to common. Every game past like 7 wins you see that stupid thing every game and if you dont have one you're screwed. Real fun

  6. Why would you dump all your cards like that before zephrys, also your deck rater built your deck for you :p

  7. To be fair, this guy won because Zephrys is OP, if he only had DH cards he wouldn't have been able to comeback from a full board deficit.

  8. I love arena, it's all I want to play in hearthstone. It's all I've ever wanted to play in hearthstone.
    They should give you the option to play arena for free and get no loot at the end.

  9. 8:10 was the misplay. Should have killed burly with crocodile and pushed damage. Instead over committed, lost shield, and went all in without pushing that damage.

  10. Holy… fucking fuck. Your deck was insane, he was even more so. I have no idea how people get these good of buckets in arena.

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