My First Arena Run After 8 Months! | Demon Hunter | Hearthstone

For this special occasion I challenge myself with the lowest win rate class: Demon Hunter!


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27 thoughts on “My First Arena Run After 8 Months! | Demon Hunter | Hearthstone

  1. The double immolate randomly reminds me of the only good arena run I had where I was blessed with 4 Defiles. Sometimes you just get the good RNG

  2. Is it just me or when he played the warblades plus hero power instead of I thought it was a misplay because he could have cleared the 2/2 and the alar

  3. i havent played hearthstone for over 2 Years, the constant expansions and Pay to win, got to much for me, the time i had to ivest for being good in it, and have good cards were absurd, and i didn´t want to spend any money on it.

  4. Not to bad on you Trump but why didn't you play the Gyro and trade it into the Al'ar in the second game? It may have not gotten ride of it but it would have at least buy you an extra turn

  5. 3:08 What's that flute music in the background? Sounds so familiar.
    — Oh wait, I just remembered that it's "Lion's Pride".

  6. Ok I’ve been a trump fan for a while now but am still confused on his intro, is he saying the ‘math man’ the ‘mad man’ or the ‘’map man’

  7. All this talk of meta and I'm just here like "Play bomb warrior and let RNGesus take the wheel. Just win because the priest drew 4 bombs in a row."

  8. 14:50 holy dog why did he not play the gyro, remove Alar+Felscreamer, next turn warblades+hp, remove ashes, follow up with scorpid… I know it's easy to be smart in hindsight, but how can you take 11 to the dome when you're at 14. AND opponent is almost out of cards and you're the control deck.

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