My Luckiest Eudora Game Yet!| Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

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30 thoughts on “My Luckiest Eudora Game Yet!| Hearthstone Battlegrounds | Savjz

  1. I'm sad. I have played almost 40 games since and have only gotten one pirate hero. 😟

  2. Stop putting small minions first against beasts and pirates, it's so bad. For beasts, if you get first attack you want your minion to survive against the big taunt, don't let them buff the taunt even larger after a macaw hit so that the second attack is a trade. For pirates, if they have the taunt that gets free attacks after surviving damage, starting with a small minion is completely useless, it just throws the minion away.

  3. Is it weird that I haven’t been offered 3 out of the 4 new heroes ever since the new patch? I’ve only gotten patches so far

  4. It's annoying when chat gives advice such as "Put Herald first" and Savjz doesn't do it and sees why chat said to do it when the battle happens (Herald would kill off parrot).
    That is not the annoying part though. The annoying part is when he is like "oh it would have helped", but doesn't do it for upcoming turns.

    There were at least 2 more turns where Herald would have attacked first and taken out the parrot and denied the opponent some buffs.
    Sometimes things like "Boomer gamer" or "Boomer APM" don't feel like jokes anymore when you see plays like that.

    Edit: He did it on the last turn. The only turn where it didn't quite benefit him. So I guess that makes ot somewhat better.

  5. the luckiest f0or me with this charactes is the first golden that i took from first diging was hungry dragon thatt happen 2 times i win the lobby after that

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