MY MURLOCS AREN’T STRONG ENOUGH?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — In this murloc world, you can have some powerful fish creatures, but still not be at the top.
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34 thoughts on “MY MURLOCS AREN’T STRONG ENOUGH?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Did you know that milk is the fastest liquid on earth? It's pasteurized before you even see it.

  2. Could i get 15 more murloc videos? Cuz watching kripp struggle on apm with the infinite gold pirates build would be way less interesting than another murloc video… seeing him get salty cuz his cannon got crapped on by another cannon would be less entertaining… watching CIV would be less entertaining…. watching kripps face cam on a murloc video is probably less entertaining than seeing another murloc video… YA FEEL?

  3. I always enjoy kripp’s BG videos but.. I’m sorry but murlocs three out of every four videos is just tiresome

  4. 8:34 "Those attacks are terrible."
    Takes absolute bare minimum damage in a match he was 98.2% to lose in
    Standard Kripp.

  5. From this video we can learn something important:

    Forcing murloc is not about the result; It's about the journey and effort.
    (And the luck involved, quite a lot of them.)

  6. I'm here every single day, losing 50 minutes to watch you playing this game just to see another murloc run
    And may i say? I'm still enjoying every single one of them and i dont know why
    Thanks, but please upload some dumb stuff more often
    8th place salty moments compilation would be mad fun and definetely keep the public hooked

  7. "yeah, I got pretty unlucky, it was only a 100% chance to lose, like come on man, seriously? How am I so unlucky?!"

  8. I just had a perfect Maiev Golden Demon game. Ended with 23 health left. Guess which tribe wasn't in the game

  9. Bought 2 zerus, first round both turned into megasaurs, was also playing murlocs. Ended with a golden megasaur just for laughs

  10. From now on, I'm gonna dislike every video with murlocs in it on kripps channel. Just tired of them, man, no hard feelings.

  11. Kripp:
    Having only tier 1 minions until 7 mana, still manages to lose only 6 hp.
    Having best 2-drops, triples, still having 20 hp on 9 mana

  12. Kripp using battlegrounds tracker is the best thing ever. Earlier when he didn't, and said "teeerrible attacks" you couldn't really bash him for being wrong haha

  13. Thanks Krip. You've played murlocs so much that I've grown sick of them and I actively avoid them in the battlegrounds.

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