My Top 7 Solo Self found Rare items in Diablo 2

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21 thoughts on “My Top 7 Solo Self found Rare items in Diablo 2

  1. My best find is either a 20life/19ar/3max SC m skin or a Death Talon 3 sox claw with 3 LS, 3 Venom, 1 Mind Blast

  2. Where U from? Becouse u have a polish surname in nick and i have some questions about d2. Becouse a dont know what i should to do😭

  3. То самое чувство, когда у тебя в сундуке шмотки лежат лучше. Я бы это все отнес Акаре

  4. A few highlights for me:
    1. Vampirebone gloves with +9 STR / +10 DEX / +22% Cold resist / +12% Poison Resist / +2 to Passive and Magic skills / (and a 10% chance to cast Nova when struck, no big deal). Wish they had IAS somewhere, but it looks like good Amazon gear. I was never quite able to get close to that through crafting, even though I'd crafted literally a dozen different Blood sharkskin gloves (whenever I get a spare Nef rune lol). My main Amazon (lvl. 89) is wearing this.
    2. She also has a ring with dual leech and all resistances, not quite as nice as yours though, but definitely the best rare ring I ever got.
    3. As well, she's wearing a rare amulet with +13% to all resistances, +18% poison resist on top of that, and +1 to all amazon skills.
    4. I also gambled for a very cool rare circlet lately: 7% life leech, 5% mana leech, 1-81 lightning damage, +15 to strength, +49 AR and +14% all resistances. If only if had a +skill too, but I guess such a combination would never roll. 🙂
    5. A recently gambled amulet for the Barbarian: +21 STR / +10 replenish life / +1 to Barb skills / 25 charges of Teleport.
    Not quite "rare", but crafted recently: the blood belt for the Amazon with 9% chance of OW, 3% life steal, +28 life and ludicrous +28 STR. Requires level 85 though, so not for everyone. 🙂

  5. Hey Dbrunski, loving your channel! Quick question: Which mod are you using for your expanded stash size? I could really use it! Thanks in advance!

  6. my best rare is a vortex shield with:
    +1 to pally skill
    30% faster block rate
    35% enhaced def
    +6 to mana (yeah it sucks)
    30 to all resistances
    damage reduced by 1 and
    half freeze duration
    and best magic item, is my godly-budget gloves with +3 to javelin skills and 20 IAS gambled gloves

  7. hey Dbrunski do you think you could do a solo leveling guide as in where to level at certain levels?

    So far what i did was baal normal to level 50.
    then nightmare baal to 75-80.
    atm idk where i should progress level wise.

    Like i know hell baal on 8 is pretty good exp but what other option is there?.

  8. SO FUCKING NICE YOU STREAM D2 !!!!!!!!!!!!! im a old d2 gamer and start play again awesome there is stream with d2 in 2020 ! 😀

  9. Dbrunski is there any way you could tell me the exact process (step by step) on how to get and install D2 PLUGGY? I will make sure to go out of my way (spend extra time online specifically for this) to get as many people subscribing to your twitch. Or if there's anyone else that could help me I would be forever grateful

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