MY TOP MILLHOUSE BUILD! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Millhouse sucks, but this build sucked the least! Kripp’s Hearthstone Stream ⭐ Subscribe …


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44 thoughts on “MY TOP MILLHOUSE BUILD! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Yea millhouse can be good,but is it as good as Dota 2-the best game ever?

  2. Had to play Millhouse the other day. Didn't want to…but my other two hero choices were Patches and Rag. wtf?

  3. 2 holy makerals with poison and divine shield will wreck any board. Broken. Completely broken. You have all been warned.

  4. I think they could make it so he starts with 3 coins, as everyone else.
    Maybe like this he sucked less. xD

  5. Dragons screwed Millhouse. I was able to get decent Deathrattle builds with him before the update, but all the changes to the pools fucked that up.

  6. millhouse tavern ups should cost 1 less, considering he starts with 1 less gold

  7. Millhouse Manastorm would literally be buffed if they decreased the cost to roll to 1 and increased the cost to buy to 3.

  8. Millhouse's shittiness isn't even about early game versus late game. If it were, he'd be doing really well in this aggressive meta. In fact, there are choice times in the early game when you want to roll too. So he's also shit in the early game.

    He would literally be buffed by just decreasing the cost to roll to 1 and increasing the cost to buy to 3, i.e. Millhouse is such total garbage, he is not just worse than a hero without a hero power, he's worse than a hero without a hero power minus one gold.

  9. My best millhouse. 1st place with demons, took no dmg from players and had the longest win streak in the entire BG with millhouse which is 14… i was never that close with millhouse afterwards :)))

  10. If Mal'Ganis dies before Big Momma and Wrath Weaver during your combat fase does that mean you take damage whenever Big Momma summons a demon?
    I highly unlikely scenario if your order is correct, but it's entirely possible.

  11. Blizzard just need make him power like Nozdormu first roll each turn cost 2 if that happens Millhous can be ok hero.

  12. I literally got 1st with Millhouse yesterday for once . Excited to watch this video.

  13. I feel like the optimal strat for millhouse is to just buy all the build-making/saving cards.. and then just keep them. So nobody else can have them. Eventually you'll probably end up with a full decent build just in your hand and you can use that, but you can continue to deny everyone else the most key cards they need to make it to the next stage (midgame/lategame) or finish their triples.

  14. Why does he start with 1 less gold than every other hero?! Surely having the re-roll cost 2 is enough balance right?

  15. I didn't think Millhouse could do better than 7th (when one person disconnects)

  16. I was playing Millhouse as I was watching this video, got 1st place with the "buy everything" tip, thanks!

  17. What if Millhouse's power also gave you 2 gold back when you sold a minion?

    Also keeping Mal'Ganis to the left of his voidlords was giving me a fucking aneurism

  18. I really don't understand everyone having issues with Millhouse 😀 everytime I played with him (3 or 4 times) I won 😀

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