Nagrand Slam Quest Hunter | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

Licensed Adventurer helps cheat out Nagrand Slam directly or through Kael’thas.

Deck Code: AAECAR8GpKUDgrED87cDg7kDrroD1LoDDJcI2wnkpAO7pQPypQOYqQOOrQP4rwO4tgP/ugP4uwP7uwMA

00:00 Galakrond Rogue
06:28 Galakrond Shaman
15:06 Tempo Demon Hunter


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23 thoughts on “Nagrand Slam Quest Hunter | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. AAECAR8GpKUDgrED87cDg7kDrroD1LoDDJcI2wnkpAO7pQPypQOYqQOOrQP4rwO4tgP/ugP4uwP7uwMA

  2. Imagine Chump would not talk to himself but to a live audience , watching his stream. just imagine

  3. 17:01 Yeah Chump, your face is so fragile but especially cute, so cute that I as a heterosexual, want to pinch your fat cheeks like a baby! ♥️😂👏🏻

  4. his right eyebrow being raised most of the time makes me think he's in a constant state of intrigue

  5. Cultists seem way too slow. I would cut the Cultists, Teron and Faceless for Veranus, Shuma and Henchclan Hogsteeds. Also maybe the King Krush/Leerox/Wildtamer package is a more consistent top-end than the KT/Slam package? I would want to put in at least one copy of Rapid Shot if I'm playing KT.

  6. Not even worried. Neither. Nope. Not worried at all. Not biting my tongue and clenching my fists and about to scream profanities at all.

    Seriously though I was giggling like a ninny the entire time.

  7. Ok guys look all jokes aside, does chump have a twitch or not?
    There are so many jokes about it and I’m just very emotionally confused and scared right now.

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