Nalguidan vs TNCAnswer  - Quarterfinals - Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles

Nalguidan and TNCAnswer face off in Quarterfinals, Day 3 of the Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles!

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Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles brings together the best Hearthstone players from around the world who will be joining us online as they compete for the Masters Tour trophy, a shot at becoming a Grandmaster, and their share of the USD $3,000,000 total prize purse for 2020!


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14 thoughts on “Nalguidan vs TNCAnswer — Quarterfinals — Hearthstone Masters Tour Los Angeles

  1. Nalguidan miss lethaled, he can win in two ways, fully invoke and hit face, or flik shirvallah to win, however, he chooses the option of leading his death…

  2. Nalguidan te eh bancado siempre pero una sola cosa te pido. un torneo nada mas que llegues ,unoooo…

  3. Nalquidan дебил в ласт игре полный,нет чтобы флика на ширваллу дать, гарантировано победив,он решает галакронда заюзать…

  4. the nalguidan is such a clown he deserves to lose…when I opened the vid I already knew he will be the one losing.

  5. Que paja loco, el flik ganaba la partida aunque tuviera letal en mesa, el pala no tenía nada que hacer si le mataba a shilvallah

  6. Turn 1 rope…GG…..Look at that guys face….Look at him…He had just one job the whole match, to Flick — > Shrivalla …He couldn't even do that….How is he even at this competitions.

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