Naxxramas Numbers - Hearthstone History

Hearthstone was released on the 72nd anniversary of the beginning of Hitler’s systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto.
When are the allies going to step in and save me from Blizzard’s systematic deportation of money from my bank account?

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45 thoughts on “Naxxramas Numbers — Hearthstone History

  1. Great Job. Much funny. Similar to "Look Around You", if you're familiar. Biggest tip I can give is to use the same mic that you use for voiceovers while recording with the camera. I could see people getting turned off from the bad audio so making that good would certainly benefit you. Very funny and creative though so good job.

  2. That was totally awesome. But what about the watermelon population of Venus? Surely they will be able to activate the cytotoxic T-cells to allow mountainbikes to reclaim their rightful place on the throne of the ocean?

  3. As a regular viewer of the lets play channel, this all made perfect sense.

  4. Naxx is not an expansion it's an adventure. Adventures are like 10-30 cards while expansions are 100-200 cards. Also, the gay joke was actually done perfectly. As a gay guy, I appreciate the well done jokes that aren't offensive. 

  5. Hope you get your housing situation taken care of soon! Love the vids and look forward to the next one man.

  6. I love your vids, added most of them to favorites, keep up the good work !

  7. By the time this video finished I felt the exact same way I did the first time I saw the ATHF episode with the Hypno-germs.  Like someone had spiked something I drank with some really potent drugs. In short, thank you!

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