Never Lucky, Always Good | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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27 thoughts on “Never Lucky, Always Good | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Levelling to 3 when you got the cat triple was a little questionable though. Couldve maybe fished for another saurolisk and more deathrattles on 2 or powerlevel to 4 after the freeze

  2. When ppl try to tell me that battlegrounds is a game of skill I'm just gonna link them to this game XD

    (Edit: I feel I have to point out that THERE IS a degree of skill in battlegrounds otherwise I might get flamed)

  3. I was like, "Why is he calling Wrath Wreaver Jessie" Thought about it for awhile… OH… Jessie Pinkman lol

  4. Does every BG streamer have to click the show and hide button or play with the cards constantly? It makes it difficult to watch. I understand mulling over the decision but can you not remember what cards are available and in play after seeing them once or twice??

  5. Hooktusk really needs to have hero power nerfed to cost 1 gold its a ridiculous hero

  6. How did you do that well with that pile of garbage units. Must be that streamer luck I've heard so much about.

  7. Never Lucky, Always Good? Lol, I'd be good too if I had a chat stream coaching me on what to do each round xD

  8. Please stop pressing hide/show Dog, I'm going to have an epileptic fit

  9. Thanks for asking me to sub dog. I thought I always was but I guess I wasn’t! Keep up the good work

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