NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE PLANTS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — When in doubt, pick the plant based Murloc!
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21 thoughts on “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE PLANTS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I quietly know that you are a good player, but sometimes your turns making me take the facespalm. It’s like you don’t know what you really want. You can’t sit with one ass on two chairs.

  2. I feel like he’s overdoing the skipping triples, the murlocs at 14:00 only had Devine shields and he’s still skipping them while it could give him a megasaur to win the game

  3. I've been watching enough Kripp lately that YT is really trying to get me to watch you open 1000 Un'Goro packs.

  4. Plants are often one of the buffs to keep in mind when there’s a strong deathwing in the lobby. Have literally won the final showdown with a deathwing because of plants.

  5. 9:51 that was soooo funny… the exact moment he played the Goldrinn his dog barked and for a second I though it was Goldrinn's battlecry

  6. I kind of miss the old Hearthstone content of this Channel. Loved the Arena runs and the fun low tier decks in constructed. This murloc meme is getting pretty boring to watch for me.

  7. The average chance for Kripp to win the winnable games was 60.29%.

    The chance for Kripp to win his last 3 games in a row against Kael'thas and win the game was 19.44%.
    The "average luck" for Kripp was 76.70 (Where 0.01 would represent incredible difficult outcomes and 99.9 the most likely ones).

  8. Wasting 3 gold for a poison effect on a Murloc….. this is why megasaur is a huge problem to murlocs. Honestly murlocs shouldn’t have god tier power like it does, Megasaur shouldn’t have the poison/divine shield effect. Still can do wind fury poison taunt massive hp build. Just not high roll instant win with bullshit. Gotta build for it like other builds that have sacrificed

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