NEVER UNDERESTIMATE The Power Of My FANGS!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1333

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE The Power Of My FANGS!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1333

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ES_Purple Silk — Gary Combs
ES_Radio Graffiti — Got Jax
ES_Round-Trip — Chalalatas
ES_Honey C’mon — The Best Ofs
ES_From the Earth to the Sea — Gary Combs
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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35 thoughts on “NEVER UNDERESTIMATE The Power Of My FANGS!! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1333

  1. 1st clip happened to me and i was so confused and didnt touch battlegrounds since

  2. Shu'ma looks like exactly what Quest Hunter needs in this meta. A constant board fill of summoning and a heavy benefit if your opponent leaves it be. Although it's not Beast, Quest Hunter just needs the bodies to hit hard, and this provides the bodies it needs.

  3. While hardly consistent, Envoy of Lazul can potentially work with Chameleos to cheat on your homework. Also, Chameleos is a card that exists.

  4. I stopped watching the channel because of battlegrounds. Isn't it just boring? I mean it is fun to play but not to watch. Am i the only one thinking that way?

  5. Almost escaped this episode without a demon suicide! Shu'ma is good for Hunter Quest. Dragonrider Talritha will need a dragon to ride and most aren't cheap. Envoy of Lazul will be good for sniping your opponent's Galrond, or Leroy, or Zephrys, etc. Looking forward to some good highlights coming from that card.

  6. Time for dragon paladin to shine ? The Dragonrider will need tempo dragons to really work ; adding hanbuffs would allow to fill the board with 3/4 mana cost monsters in mid game. It could be Bronze herald and Dragon speaker alongside small dragons like Faerie dragons, Brightwing, Nightmare amalgams.
    But we can imagine a big dragon pladin with Nozdormu the timeless and Nozari, Ysera, Alexstrasza with board cleaning _ Doomsayer and Wild Pyromancer Equality and Consecration _ adding Twilight drake, Crowd Roaster.

  7. I can't stop laughing at those who is waiting until the last seconds to start combo and after that they are losing because they didn't have enough time to finish combo.

  8. That bug in the first clip happened to me too. I tried to fix it and ended up selling my golden unit and concede.

  9. There are TWO normal hearthstone plays. Rest are all autochess boring battlegrounds.
    Wow. Goodbye 12 minutes of my life.

  10. Are there even streamers left that play standard, wild or arena? I believe like 90% of this video was BG.

  11. the thing about roping is that I think time on turn is pretty inconsistent and probably depends on how long was your battle, so if that was a looong battle your rope is starting really early. Also animations… And you really need to think in this game quite a lot. When your turn is 5+ discovers and selling and buying and rerolling its really hard to make it in time of 30 seconds.

  12. Considering how long the turn times are, if you rope and mess up there is no reason to complain. Cant make up your mind? All on you. Git gud

  13. Pls gawd lessen the animation in battleground fk morethan half of my time was in the animation than my actual play

  14. Stop adding Battlegrounds to Hearthstone daily moments. it is a different mode and for me not interesting to watch. make other video clips for it.

  15. The next tribe in battlegrounds is definitely dragons since the next expansion is called descent of dragons, then elementals or pirates. Totems are to weak to be considered since they are a bunch of 0 attack minions with weak passives

  16. Person: kills their self with a demon
    People who prep coin: At last, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  17. Average Battlegrounds player:
    — Oh look, there's an obvious play that's also great, let me wait for the last 10 seconds and then scream for missing it.

  18. could we have a reversed episode for the 1337 one ?

  19. I came here to see some funny clips, but I see you haven't changed your blyat ways. stop including this idiot. stop promoting his nonsense

  20. Faceless manipulator with dragonrider. Can get insane hand buffing. Could also use prelate and undatakah to get a really massive dragon.

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