NEW BATTLEGROUNDS HERO: ELISE STARSEEKER! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

Blizzard just released a new update for Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Including new heroes such as Elise Starseeker. Will Disguised Toast manage to take the win with the new hero? I hope you guys enjoy!


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48 thoughts on “NEW BATTLEGROUNDS HERO: ELISE STARSEEKER! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

  1. Oh shit you made a new channel how did I only notice just now!

    12:19 You rolled? You could of sold Vermin bought Nathrezim sell it then bought Crystalweaver and potentially triple it next round.

    A very solid run

  2. Wow… I thought the map was a free minion, but if you spend 3 mana anyways, then that's a trash hero power.
    It's similar to bartendotron, since his would save you a mana and let you reroll to get current tier picks… but his also lets you tier up early if desired and gives more options.
    Sure, it's watered down with lower tier minions, but that's not always bad… you could get a combo and get a minion higher tier.

  3. I know you streaming and dealing lots of things and i dont even know you read comments but you wasted so many lightfang buffs on the minions you sold and some of those you could prevent By selling last.

  4. 10:05
    well, considering that I usually don't manage to hit some specific 5* minion through 40 freaking refreshes, this hero power is totally useless.
    And Im not even talking about finding a third copy for a triple, just casually refreshing to find the first Brann for 4 turns in a row with no result.

  5. i tgink elise is pretty good, cus it knocks out some of the rjg by garaunteeing you a unit from the tavern level you just bought

  6. Lol I thought it’s the discover thing you get whenever you play a golden card

  7. I've tried elise, I dont understand why here hero power is useful. Like sure it gives you the opportunity to get another minion that's not in the tavern, but you're just finding another in your tier for the same cost. I just dont see the use of it

  8. Dude when a video in french? Call me for some classes. And keep up the entertainment you rock

  9. Yeah the issue was you kept your hydra on the left and they had their taunt/poison/divine shield waiting for it on their far side. So all you killed was a trash minion and lost your hydra. You ran into that like 3 times in a row.

  10. I'd say good. Makes fishing for a cave hydra/junkbot/sensei/general objectively easier without you blowing all your gold on rerolls

  11. It was so painful watching him waste his lightfang buffs OVER and OVER on zoo bot and leaper. Someone who claims to be big brains is awfully oblivious to something that happened so many times and didn't notice once that he is bad.

  12. For me, Elise is weak because her discover card is just a reroll but narrowed down to 3 cards in a nutshell.
    Plus you can only do it 6 times…
    Maybe a way to balance it is to at least make the discover card cost one coin instead of 3

  13. How did toast become from an actually enjoyable youtuber to a self centered bastard that posts videos with minimum editing?

  14. Toast, you could work on your order some. When you have a light fang in play and you're only playing battle cry buffs, it's important to end on a non-tribal minion, so that you're not stealing a buff that will be thrown away on the next turn. That means making all or at least most of your buys before playing the minions.


    bruh it was the only taunt minion, no way you'd miss…

  16. I mean, the Elise hero power is literally why Toast won that game. The amount of work that Zapp did to break those stalemates cannot be overstated.

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