NEW Blackhowl Gunspire OTK! Bladestorm Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Wild Control Warrior OTK combo deck is to use Blackhowl Gunspire combined with Bladestorm! We do this by playing Bring It On, Reckless Flurry, Blackhowl Gunspire, Faceless Manipulator, and Bladestorm! 48 Damage! Super fun meme deck! Good luck!

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35 thoughts on “NEW Blackhowl Gunspire OTK! Bladestorm Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. wait at 10:27 or so did Drakkari Enchanter cause Dr.Boom's hero power to flip twice? I didn't know about that interaction before.

  2. I think this is possible with only one Gunspire. Needs to be buffed with Arena Fanatic, Grimy Gadgeteer, Brass Knuckles, Don Han'Cho. Cost to activate the combo would be 15. Bring it on (2), reckless flurry (3) Gunspire [with up to 25 health from Fanatic, Grimy, Don and Knuckles] (7) Bladestorm (3). Does Gunspire do damage to adjacent minions if buffed with "Sweeping Strikes"?

  3. Compared to your recent combos this one was "only" very nice, but you made up for it with that nail-biter of a finiah!

  4. I did a similar cannon combo using one of my favorite cards ever printed: Cannon Barrage, with help from sky cap'n krag. You basically put in a bunch of skycapt'n krags with 2 shadows of death and draw them on your next turn. Then you use cannon barrage to get 24 damage plus the 7 4-attack chargers on board.

    This is a 6 mana otk with a pre turn 15 mana set up (across 3 cards). so double thaurissan is required to set up the combo (if you have 2 cannon barrages in hand when you do the reduction, or topdeck one on the combo turn with a double reduced one in hand, you can play 2 barrages for 48 damage).

  5. Noooo!! My surprise gimmick has been publically exposed. What have you done 😱😨😭

    I've been playing it without the thaurissen/faceless components in favor of axeflingers + weapons (deaths bite/bloodrazor) to whittle them down before a bladestorm/gunspire combo on turn 10, usually following a doomsayer clear

    Its grindier, but the early game certainly helps drain opponent resources.

    Have also used Magtheridon + bladestorm in the deck for surprise meme clears which has proven more effective than anticipated!

  6. Why not Bloodsworn Mercenary? you'd shave 2 mana off the total cost for just an enrage…..ooooohhhhh. forgive the moment of stupidity.

  7. You could Also add commanding shout (the hp cant lower from 1 card), would represent more dmg and Also a gr8 way yo get the combo off in case you dont get the faceless

  8. dumb ass priest emoting at the end like he thought he was going to easy win LOL

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