NEW BRANN! OLD STRATS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — You know what’s coming. Mrglglrgll!!!
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35 thoughts on “NEW BRANN! OLD STRATS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Force pogos, WTH, smh. It’s only one f’ing card ffs. Yeah let’s refresh and hope for one. Forget all the other battle cries.

  2. Managed to win with a Brann Pogo build yesterday. Sat on tier 2/3 for ages ramping up pogos. It got stupid after a while xD

  3. I havent played hearthstone for three years now. Are you only allowed to play murlocs in this game mode? Seems kinda boring and pointless if thats true.

  4. For anyone watching Kripps stream;
    What does he do when there is no murlocs in bobs tavern?? Legit question

  5. Good game! Loved you talking though your moves and the reasoning, like regarding the pirate matchup needing more attack. Really informative!

  6. How do you push tier 3 so early every game? In all my 7k games you auto lose for doing that before you board is at 6 or 7 minions.

  7. Kripp "I'll go pogos if murlocs don't present themselves over pogos"
    Turn 1:rock pool hunter
    Me: "he's going murlocs"

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