NEW BROKEN MECHANIC?! SOUL FRAGMENTS for Demon Hunter and Warlock! - Scholomance Academy

Wow, just what Warlock and Demon Hunter needed! More heals!

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00:15 — Soul Fragment
01:00 — Spirit Jailer
01:48 — Soul Shear
02:45 — School Spirits
04:12 — Shadowlight Scholar
05:39 — Void Drinker
06:55 — Soulciologist Malicia
08:06 — Soulshard Lapidary
09:27 — Marrowslicer
10:19 — Shardshatter Mystic



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NEW BROKEN MECHANIC?! SOUL FRAGMENTS for Demon Hunter and Warlock! — Scholomance Academy



41 thoughts on “NEW BROKEN MECHANIC?! SOUL FRAGMENTS for Demon Hunter and Warlock! — Scholomance Academy

  1. With cards like devout pupil and flesh giant, feels like the priest dual cards exist only for their other half class. Soul frag for flesh giant and librams for devout. Yeah priest can use them but it’s clearly meant for the other class.

  2. I think the biggest problem with soul fragments in demon hunter is that it can consume the skull of guldan's discounts, which is pretty bad for both aggro and control, but mainly aggro

  3. Bruh, Soulshard Lapidaty is a 5 star, tier S card and ready to be nerfed into give your hero +4 attack and 4-4 in stats, mark my words. It's common, it's 5-5, it smorks, everyone gonna play it.

  4. That kid doing the Hearthside Chat with Regis — I wanted to throat punch him. It's a busted mechanic IMO

  5. Dark bomb allowed for a whole archetype of Maly warlock to be a thing as with one discount it was 17 damage combo. It's not strict power creep as this is minion damage and an activator for you other soul cards. It is strong no doubt. Also it's a power creep to wild, but in the vacuum of standard it's just powerful. Hard to power creep cards you can't play

  6. Does anyone know if drawing a soul fragment would count as 2 towards quest warlock since you draw a real card after? Basically does the fragment count as drawing a card

  7. I could see Tempo DH running a small package of the 1/3, the weapon and the 5/5 because it can create healing, tempo and extra damage. Overall, this package seems more suited to Control Warlock.

  8. These cards are playing off of Affliction warlocks and Vengeance Demon Hunters from wow. Affliction being a slow draining and controlling class. And Vengeance Demon hunter being a tank class which ya know takes hits and loves eating soul fragments to heal.

  9. Dekkster really?? A capitalist money hungry corporation such as Blizzard trying to hype an expansion by just releasing the good cards so people would buy more packs???


  10. I see this and think of how frustrating it currently is to face otk warlock….

  11. O a lot of support alright …. then people buy expansions and cards …. then the nerfs a few weeks later.

  12. I don't get it why these cards are needed.
    Like Dekkster said Warlock (and I Think DH too) already have enough heal.

  13. There better be equally broken soul fragment synergy and cards for all other classes.

  14. Turn 5 Felosophy turn 6 spirit jailer spirit jailer marrowslicer. Next turn soulciologist malica. 5 3/3 with rush and a 5/5 body for 7mana. new Blastmaster Boom

  15. "I think they're driving up the hype by releasing all these strong cards, a lot of power creep!"

    It's this power creep that prevents me from getting hyped because I can already see there are going to be some bullshit cards and archetypes that just feel shitty to play against… I think I would be more hyped seeing them release some pretty "meh" cards because A) You actually have to use your brain to make them work which is a large part of the fun and B) It won't make you wanna commit seppuku every time you queue into it or even use it… I'm looking at you Rez Priests.

  16. With this and the portal keeper and portal overfiend you could make either a dh draw deck or warlock draw deck

  17. well, i guess there might be some demonhunter decks that dont play skull. since if you draw a shard with it the shard will count as the card to lower the cost, then ittle draw you a regualr cost card instead, making the outcast of skull way worse.

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