NEW BROKEN ROGUE CARD?! | Scholomance Academy Card Review | Hearthstone

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46 thoughts on “NEW BROKEN ROGUE CARD?! | Scholomance Academy Card Review | Hearthstone

  1. Can we just appreciate how well Allie presents her card review? Very engaging and informative.

  2. Awesome review video! Demon Hunter is going to be insane 😂 Can you see Lorekeeper being a go to in Highlander mage?

  3. Nice video. Wish i had the pre-purchase pack to make some early videos about Scholomance Academy on my channel.

  4. Secret Passage reminds me a lot of the Magic card "Memory Jar", which has the dubious honour of being the fastest card ever banned. Curious to see how this plays out.

  5. You would think that after watching 5 different reviews of the cards so far I really wouldnt get any new insight. but you managed to basically give a sixth unique perspective to these cards. For example: you are the first person I saw that mentioned the combo potential with Playmaker summoning a pre-damaged minion. It's not a massive deal but I was a little surprised that nobody mentioned it yet. So I'm very glad that you did.

  6. Let's be frank, the number of people playing Constructed had been dropped a lot, but this SA is one of the most wonderful expansion in HS history, hope people will come back and have fun together and get rid of other toxic game like LoR.

  7. I’m kinda happy we got an anti-combo class. No more bs from Druid and Priest. Imagine throwing a big priest’s Barnes away turn 4. Imagine throwing away all of the decreased costs for infinite armor Druid. Finally hard punishes for stupid crapp

  8. Wait a second, with sphere of sapience couldn't you also put bombs from a bomb warrior on the bottom of your deck so as not to draw them? That's a bit of hilarious upside.

  9. I really love the idea of demon hunter, even though its way too powerful (not so much anymore). But the whole disruption package its getting is super toxic in my opinion. It just completely negates the idea of using your removal cleverly and efficiently, cause they're just gonna shuffle your hand into your deck and leave you with 4 random cards. Same thing goes for combo decks. If your opponent knows you're playing a combo deck they're just going to save glide for when they know your combo is coming along. It will ruin discounts from your warlock quest hero power, or even that dormant druid minion. Giving one of the best tempo decks so many tools to answer literally every deck is just stupid. Games will be decided if you lose your hand or have an important card shuffled back into your deck, and those are the kinds of cards blizzard supposedly dont like. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see

  10. Magehunter sounds really frustrating and I totally agree. They're giving Demon Hunter every possible tool they need to face any class.

  11. Awesome card review video! Really helps me a lot getting a good overview of the new cards! Thank you a lot for the work and edit! Great analysis on the cards! Thank you very much!

  12. If secret passage is released as is, of course it is a very strong card. However, it was actually pulled from some hearthstone cinematic on youtube. Thus, i believe it is not certain whether or not this is the final version. For example, in hearthstone cinematics when the game was first released, fireball cost 5 mana in the cinematic but was 4 mana in the release if i remember correctly.

    Next, we might analyze how strong the card is in relation to similar cards. Mage has 1 mana evocation which fills your hand with random spells. This is more "card advantage" but you're never going to be able to use all those spells (realistically), since a lot of mage spells are quite expensive. Since secret passage cards come from your deck, your ability to use all the cards will depend on the deck. Assuming you build an aggressive rogue deck and wait until mid to late game to play this card, it should be easy to use up the full card advantage of this card.

    Warlock also had solarium which is quite similar as well. It was played.

    As is, i feel secret passage is too strong and should be adjusted before release or will see a nerf soon after release. I might be overestimating the amount of support available for aggro rogue though. If blizzard has indeed done an analysis on this, perhaps that is how they balanced the card.

  13. Another factor when you draw a card is that the alphabetical order does not matter. We've seen this with Paladin card Call to Adventure; it draws the random lowest cost minion. By that logic, Polkelt will also draw the same cost cards until you run out of them, meaning it will not curve out as 1-10 and 1-10 again and so on. Instead, it will curve out like 1-1-1-2-3-3-4-4-5…. and so on. I think Polkelt will only be able to find a place called home amongst highlander decks. It's too much investment and not all the decks want to cycle through their low-cost cards at mid-to-late stages of the game. Decks such as Secret and Aluneth Mage, Horsemen Paladin, Murloc Paladin, Spiteful Priest(questionable), Spiteful Druid, Taunt Druid, Control Warrior, Fatigue Warrior, Mill Warrior etc. Some of these archetypes require a lot of shuffling and cycling to end the game as quickly as possible. The high variances and bad orders are all possibilities that are accounted for in these solid and established decks. It's a bold card, but more niche than most people think it is, especially in wild.

    P.S. Demon Hunter was the true tragedy of 2020, in my opinion.

  14. I think you're overestimating sphere of sapience. It's not card advantage since it doesn't actually draw cards. It only gives you slight control over your next draw. And it's -1 card -1 mana which is negative card advantage actually. This eats into the impact of the card slightly since you could have had 1 random card from your deck. It's also quite slow since its effect takes place over at least 4 turns. It could be a fit for combo decks and control decks since these decks have cards which are bricks in certain matchups but it feels too weak to me.

  15. I've been waiting for you to present some cards for so long.
    I still don't want to play this game, but for a moment I thought about it when I saw the secret passage.
    I think you can make a lot of money from YouTube with videos like this but not specifically for this game.
    I don't want to be annoying, I'm just trying to be useful.

  16. Hello Alliestrasza,
    I like to play dragonqueen alexstrasza plus Lorekeeper Polkelt but I think this card can be good if you have a lot of mana, the next card when you draw 5 cards it's just like in MTG Magic memory jar I think it's a good card in a deck of MTG Magic. When I play Demon Hunter deck I like to play this card inner demon plus Kael'thas sunstrider so I can play inner demon for free. I like the new card
    Sphere of Sapience could be good for select your card. I like your review, but don't play to much at game in better to go out in the forest. I find you very beautiful bye

  17. I liked your review 😉

    Lorekeeper Polkelt is really cool, but I don't think that he is quite as powerful as some people think.
    But still good of course.

  18. Magehunter is dreadful. Basically a 3 mana earth shock that deals 1 extra damage (save that you can just tempo it out without caring about its silence effect). If the trade takes place before the silence, it’s even worse.

  19. Since Doc K is a tad underwhelming it would be nice if it ALSO equipped a 1/1 weapon if you were lacking one…and of course you could buff that little weapon further. Still a small impact but better than missing the effect entirely.

  20. The cards s33m fun…not overpowered wich is good, a ton of tech cards inst3ad of the same brutal powerlevel we have s3en in the previous expantion

  21. I can see the sense of frustration about Demon Hunter but Demon Hunter has mostly been a Face Hunter on steroids so far. I actually got excited for those new DH cards specifically because it seems like they're getting some unique tools to give them an actual identity. I just hope they move away from the "Face Hunter plus lifesteal plus mass removal" unimaginative role they've had so far.

  22. You know Allie, I don't know if DH REALLY wants to run Stelina. A 4 mana 4/3 is just so incredibly anti-tempo, and I don't know that the disruption or the "knowledge" gained is worth it, especially for a class that is known for wanting to make really good tempo plays. You get kind of a cool effect, but I just think the sacrifice you have to make (playing a 4 mana 4/3) might be a little steep for the effect you're getting. Your opponent will immediately be able to deal with it and jump ahead on tempo. And that's not even taking into account that it's a completely dead card when it's not Outcast. But yeah, I think it's a cool card and the disruption + knowledge is a neat idea, but the tempo loss seems pretty rough for me. Demon hunter can do much scarier things than play Stelina.

  23. Lorekeeper in combination with baleful banker shudderwok and joybuzz would be pretty sweet in wild format. If the battlecries trigger in the proper order you will draw 1 cost shudders off the top.

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