NEW CLASS! DEMON HUNTER! - Ashes of Outland | Review | Hearthstone

The first new Class EVER to be added to Hearthstone!
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35 thoughts on “NEW CLASS! DEMON HUNTER! — Ashes of Outland | Review | Hearthstone

  1. I'm really hyped for this but as a wild player I think he'll struggle to be a control deck in wild,because all classes use a hero card in those control decks and Illidan doesn't have one…yet.

  2. what theres a new class??????????? shit man ive been away for too long. wanted this for a long time

  3. Demon hunter has a lot of demons. One would think that a demon hunter would want to kill demons, but no. Unless it is a demon that is a hunter. Which is like the demon version of hunter…

  4. playing thief rogue against demon hunter is gonna be op because ALL HIS CARDS ARE GOOD (WITH ROGUE)

  5. i just noticed, the addition of demon hunter is a small rogue buff since steaing demon hunter cards will be really beneficial for rogues.

  6. Am I the only one pissed off that this class's name is just another class's with an adjective? They couldn't have found a new word?

  7. I imagine that Rogues are going to become a bit more defensive and control-based from now on because of the addition of the EXTREMELY aggressive Demon Hunters. Also, multi-class cards might become more prevalent, starting with Warlock and Demon Hunter. And of course, now that the old rule against new classes has been broken, that means Monk and/or Death Knight are probably coming within the next year or two, which is an even larger Pandora's Box that I desperately want to see opened.

    It's a delicate balancing act, but I'd rather see more radical ideas being brought into a game and creating large upsets that keep things new and interesting, rather than small, conservative tweaks that bore everyone and cause the game to die out.

  8. So Mana Burn is the most broken card ever printed. In aggro decks you play an early game creature then make it unremovable. In control decks you completely floodgate aggro. In midrange you do whatever you want. Literally what the fuck were they thinking territory.

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