New Legendary Card Reveal by Thijs [Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy]

Thank you Blizzard for the card reveal! Very excited for the new expansion! HYPE!

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[Hearthstone] New INSANE Legendary Card Reveal by Thijs Hearthstone (Scholomance Academy)


47 thoughts on “New Legendary Card Reveal by Thijs [Hearthstone: Scholomance Academy]

  1. There is a huge mistake in this game

    First of all, this game has become random, and the Blizzard company just wants us to pay the money. There is no fun and everyone who advertises for this game is financially benefited, meaning it takes money.this guy take money from Blizzard to show us the new expansion it deserve to buy it . im sure most ppl wont pay more money especially with this current situation

  2. Watched the whole video. I didn't hear Thjis pronounce the card name correctly and completely a single time.

  3. This card reveal feels a little bit rushed. He was traveling and was busy, or wasn't paid enough ^^

  4. Someone made her PLAYABLE version 8 days ago… even worse than Turalyon.

  5. OP card , like summoning a 5 drop with reborn , not to mention the potential deathrattle effect and conjurer's calling value.

  6. turn 6 jandice to Witchy lackey the secret minion/ jandice seems like the nuts

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