(New Levels + Na-Krul) DIABLO 1: HELLFIRE | The Monk - PART 7


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19 thoughts on “(New Levels + Na-Krul) DIABLO 1: HELLFIRE | The Monk — PART 7

  1. How does this girl not have a million subs what are we doing wrong. What a wonderful channel let's get this young lady to a million at least 50000

  2. Your streams are very friendly and you don't have a potty mouth. I have joked about it, but it is ment to read as hand on mouth and a oh my reaction joke. Your streams would be kid friendly. I like how you've added the contributes names at the end of your You tube streams I can see the list growing over time. It is nice to see you working on the balance of live streams on twitch and You Tube.

  3. Nice!
    I remember playing this back in the day and there is a cow level with cow armor, also that cornerstone is for trading gear between characters, so make a rogue and give her that windforce bow perhaps?

  4. Maybe it's time for The Hell Mod — it's restores cut content, significantly increase number of type and monsters itself with some unique attacks, over 700 unique items, making game hardcore (but for 1st difficulty not too much), new characters.

    The Hell 1 mod is ready and very good balanced.
    The Hell 2 mod (further improvement of game) is on the latest stages of development and soon will be on the release.

    Take a look:

  5. 1:23:59 They're called blocked doors after you stacked up a pile of corpses in the door which block the door.

    PS. Maybe you should look at the monster information now and then. Attacking Liches with lighting while the monster information tells you that they are immune to lightning is a waste of mana. You get some information about a monster after killing 15 of them and full information after killing 30.

    Flesh things are way more dangerous proportionally on Hellmode because they deal so much damage. That is — if you play as monk or warrior.

  6. Fun Fact: the dialogues for both bosses, The Defiler and Na-Krull, are respectively sampled on the black metal songs Dreadventourz and Eerie Obzidian Circuz, by Diabolical Masquerade on the album Nightwork

  7. 53:30 "I feel like I've spent too long talking about something that did not relate to this game." No shit? Still, I'd say it was interesting to hear about it, only it wasn't. Try to stay on topic during the video.

  8. U can stack the search-spells, use it 15-20times in a row, and it lasts for minutes

  9. What level do you have to be in the crypt? the monsters are whooping my behind girl

  10. I've always wanted to play Hellfire, but in multiplayer. I know there are ways to get it to work through LAN, but I don't have the know how to get it to work. I've always wanted more content in the original Diablo, as it's my favorite game in the franchise.

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