NEW MURLOCS ROCK!! Murgurgle and Felfin Make Murloc Paladin Great! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

This «fresh» take on Murloc Paladin from Freshca includes powerful new cards like Murgur Murgurgle and Felfin Navigator, which are amazing for the Murloc half of a «scales» a Murloc & Dragon tempo deck. That means this is a surprisingly successful ladder deck in Ashes of Outland.


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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | NEW MURLOCS ROCK!! Murgurgle and Felfin Make Murloc Paladin Great!


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46 thoughts on “NEW MURLOCS ROCK!! Murgurgle and Felfin Make Murloc Paladin Great! | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Welp now the suggestion balk from youtube is away i sadly won’t see much from your video’s anymore 🙁

  2. Thanks to Battlegrounds now I always think that Toxfin costs 4 mana. My brain melted when I saw the number 1 in the cost

  3. Rotation really hurtled aggro paladin, Rip crystology, you will only be missed by paladin mains.

  4. I made Murloc Dragon pally day 1 and rekt while everyone was bitching about how paladin is dead because thier pure libram deck didn't work….

  5. Can you make a Highlander Murloc Paladin? Sir Finley isn't very useful right now

  6. I think the mad max murloc, warleader, the 5 mana divine shield guy, and the imprisoned sungill make this deck better built as a kind of token deck. I would cut most of the dragon stuff and put in righteous cause and brazen zealot, maybe air raid too.

  7. Channel called Angory tom also has many film edits in his videos like you, I like the style very much !

  8. another useless uncreativ agrodeck,blizzard makes it so easy to hate this f…ing game, would like youtubers and streamers to support more creativ decks

  9. I like this deck idea. Been trying with a more swarmy murloc deck with a small bit of dragons, and a focus on Righteous Cause buffing the board, but I'll give this deck a shot and see how it fares.

    Did change a few things though, to include the Warleaders, and cut the Big Ol' Whelp for another Skyfin, but it's mostly the same.

  10. 17:06 Something I noted: World of Warcraft has introduced 3 new classes since Classic: Death Knight, Monk, and Demon Hunter.

    I wonder what the chances are of getting 3 new classes (one for each expansion this year)?

  11. Man, the dormant murloc just does not look good to play, even on turn 1.
    Besides the dormant demon for DH, these dormant minions have been kinda trash.
    This deck though, pretty good

  12. Lol in order to get the Scalelord(give your murlocs divine shield) i have to pay 15$$$$ or 2100 GOLD!!! WTF SHITTZARD ITS A COMMON CARD I CANT CRAFT IT.SAME GOES WITH SHOTBOT

  13. You should try a quest paladin with murgur murgergul and al’ar plus your dragon package I think it’ll finally pull it together

  14. Why does the deck use sir Finley of the sands if the deck has duplicates? Am I missing something?

  15. Is there anyway to get scale lord without doing the adventure and if thats the only way to get it is there an good replacements for it

  16. If the prismatic card would still in standard murloc paladin would be so good

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