NEW PERFECT DERYL BUILD - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The new Deryl meta has arrived!
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29 thoughts on “NEW PERFECT DERYL BUILD — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Out-of-Contexterino Quoterino:
    No more butt-licking.
    Kripp — 2020
    Time stamp for context: Who cares? But 14:56.

  2. my record on this strat is like 2 beasts 125/123 . ok got only those two guys but monsters ^^ luckyly got no brain opponent with not even a poison so i win

  3. I have seen a top 2 reno. He had 3 golden rabid and forever turn 1.
    seems like a legit strat.
    I was top 1 dragon double kalecgos.

  4. The last adjustmen on the protectors and remembering the taunt had 20hp made him first place.That was classy 💯

  5. I think it's important that someone always picks Deryl and does this. Why? Because it's fairly consistently top 4, but also because it slows down the game. The counter to it is to play proper late game builds which will eventually outscale it, not this mid game peak crap that's made battlegrounds unfun to play.

  6. 19:50 losing here was Krip's only chance at winning. Edwin was rock, Kael was paper and Krip was scissors.

  7. krip talking about how his opponent was lucky when he tied with a 3.7% chance and a 44% chance to be lethaled outright…

  8. -The average chance for Kripp to win the winnable games was 71,82%.
    -The average luck for Kripp was 56,70 (Where 0,01 would represent incredible luck and 99,9 the expected results).
    -The chance for Kripp to win at least 1 of the two games against Kael'thas was 59,81%

  9. ''Got him, that's a win boys'' ''Oh, that's a terrible attack. That's a terrible attack. Holy sh*t, omg, that's a terrible attack''
    Odds of winning, around 50/50. Maybe called that one a little too soon there Kripp 😉

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