New Priestly Neutral Legendary: Headmaster Kel'Thuzad (Hearthstone Scholomance Academy)

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Scholomance Academy reveal season is here, and we have a new neutral Legendary card: Headmaster Kel’thuzad!

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This video is from the era of Year of the Phoenix Standard format and Ashes of Outland expansion.


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15 thoughts on “New Priestly Neutral Legendary: Headmaster Kel'Thuzad (Hearthstone Scholomance Academy)

  1. This was my thought exactly. Maybe this will mean less priest hate, now that everyone can steal minions.

  2. Would Ramming Speed work with Kel'Thuzad? Although it is a spell meant to destroy a minion, it's the minion itself that does the destroying. Good old Hearthstone card text ambiguity.

  3. I am not impressed by Kel'thuzand. Seems very slow in an aggro meta, sure new archetypes will be born with a new expansion but I can only go by what we currently know. Seems like a control deck card like you said but it doesn't help you stabilize only gets you ahead once you've stabilized. Seems fringe playable at best. idk

  4. I already hate this card. I don't want priest to steal my king krush and hit ME in the face, that's absurd power swing.

  5. So the video where this was announced is so how hearthstone works. Win a 25% rng roll and win the game. lol

  6. Priest also has breath of dreams which could even re-summon your own minions that it kills. Priest is going to be really annoying with this. Mage has more plays with the spell that discounts other spells, putting blizzard into potential play, probably too many pieces to rely on. But i do see this being played even for tempo. Mage could be fine playing it with an arcane breath, being the final chip damage to steal a key minion or even take a smaller minion to swing the board vs an aggro deck. This is going to show up in a lot of decks.

  7. Maybe bring Dragon Shaman back from the depths to combo this with Lightning Breath? Torrent would be nice as well.

  8. With zeph board clear and this card you can be the next proud owner of any board removed!

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