New Ranked System! ft. Firebat | Zalae Hearthstone

Rewards and free stuff. Thanks Blizzard!
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22 thoughts on “New Ranked System! ft. Firebat | Zalae Hearthstone

  1. Actually surprised Firebat might have never seen a diamond ever. He's never been bored in a mall and briefly glanced inside a jewelry store while walking by? lol

  2. I played 5 games on bronze and 4 out of 5 times i played vs. a golden hero

  3. tbh i dont really like free shit. I like shit that rewards effort. I like earning my stuff whats the point if they give it out like candy anyway, its not valuable anymore.

  4. Oof that rogue seriously misplayed their last turn. They knew they sapped Siamat, which guaranteed lethal for Zalae when replayed. Rogue was probably dead anyways since they had no cards in hand, but still.

  5. Firebat is the man. . . . Hehe, Firebat keeps wanting wanting him to put down bonewraith. . . . I agree. . .

  6. i dont get how the ranked system works…like i need to pass the first 40 ranks in order to get to bronze,silver,etc

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