🧠Next Level $hit Paladin🧠! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

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Next Level $hit Paladin! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

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#ashes of outlands

📝Deck Code📝
Class: Paladin
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Phoenix
# 2x (1) Aldor Attendant
# 1x (1) Blessing of Wisdom
# 2x (1) Imprisoned Sungill
# 2x (1) Righteous Cause
# 2x (2) Air Raid
# 2x (2) Hand of A’dal
# 2x (2) Libram of Wisdom
# 1x (2) Murgur Murgurgle
# 2x (2) Serpent Egg
# 2x (2) Shotbot
# 2x (3) Blistering Rot
# 1x (3) Teron Gorefiend
# 2x (3) Underlight Angling Rod
# 2x (4) Blessing of Kings
# 2x (4) Consecration
# 2x (5) Recurring Villain
# 1x (7) Lady Liadrin
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
# Generated by HDT — https://hsreplay.net


21 thoughts on “🧠Next Level $hit Paladin🧠! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

  1. Hey rob it’s your boy snail you know I don’t play hs but I like my boy rob so here I am dropping that YOUNG comment and like for that YOUNG yt algorithm. Stay beautiful beardboi

  2. Why two warlock and just zoo lock!! 😳😳This deck anti zoo poor zoo
    Thats why i hate heartstone meta isnt about cards its about anti class
    Why highlander Hunter is 1#meta? Becuse highlander Hunter just fight vs priest! And warlock never cant see highlander Hunter vs murloc paladin!!! Becuse meta is fake
    Murloc pladin:priest! Warlock. Durid!!! So this deck kill meta and
    Heartstone Control meta:)

  3. Initial reaction seeing intro: I don't like it… "Whoowo!" Nevermind I like it a lot.

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