No Longer Poor... | Hearthstone Mishaps 24

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Main Theme — Animal Crossing New Horizons
Pokémon Sword & Shield — Oleana Battle Theme
Jail theme — Lego Island

Checker Dance — Deltarune
The ratings are in — A hat in time
Pirate Tavern 1B — WoW
Duel — Hearthstone
A Hat in Time — The Battle of Award
A Hat in Time — You are now legally a bird
Century Drive — Persona Q2
Coffee Break — Persona Q2
Paulownia Mall — Instrumental — Persona Q2
Half minute hero — Meeting at the street corner

Pokemon Sun & Moon — Champion Red & Blue Battle
Minigame — Parasail — The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Garoad — VA-11 HALL-A — Hopes and Dreams

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38 thoughts on “No Longer Poor… | Hearthstone Mishaps 24

  1. Congratulations Eddy. This is the first time in my life where I'm actually interested enough in an ad on YouTube to look it up afterwards.

    I'm not sure whether that says something about you or ads in general.

  2. I was actually expecting him to immediately craft a golden legendary after he got all golden commons and 1 rare

  3. You have VA11-HALL-A music at the end of this video.

  4. I don’t know if anyone will understand, it you know how people can straight up just output bass through their mic’s at any point? Yea, how do you do that?

  5. I know that F2P means "free to play", but every time I see that thumbnail my brain auto corrects it to "FAP"

  6. If we’re questioning why some things are mechs, why is Omega Devastator a mech? Like not even talking from a balance standpoint.

    The voice for it is a regular goblin, and the actual art is of a goblin in a mechanical suit. So why is it a mech, when it’s just a technological suit of arm piloted by a goblin?

  7. The thing about mana cost is that blizzard is kinda forced to increase them by an even number so that the card doesn't suddenly work in a Even or Odd deck examples: Doctor Boom changed from 7 to 9 mana because if Dr. Boom were to be an even card then it wouldn't be playable in Odd warrior which is a much bigger nerf than it's mana cost to 8

  8. Wait, it's already over? This video was so short. Oh well, at least it's more of Eddy and The Boys.

  9. No longer f2p? Another has fallen, but do not weep for him, he was weak and a traitor and should be shunned as such. His name shall be stricken from the records and he shall be forever more known as pay-pig.

  10. Why do the boys say that quest makes you not free to play? I just don’t understand cause I thought you could get them from packs and therefore not actually buy anything to get them 😂

  11. I didn't realize Dragonbane was a mech until someone magnetized a Zillax to it. Not fun.

  12. Hey man, thanks for reawakening my love for visual novels.

    Much love man <3

  13. Did you know you played a match against Thijs one of the best players in the world, mage vs rouge, its on his stream, AND YOU BEAT HIM

  14. Mech is just short for mechanical. Its just commonly used to refer to mech suits that are piloted, but anything with mechanical parts is a mech lol

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