No Minion Mage ACTUALLY WORKS! - Ashes of Outland - Hearthstone

This list actually feels really good but it cant outvalue super slow decks like priest. This absolutely trashes the OTK inner demon hunter because you can constantly freeze their face.

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No Minion FREEZE Mage:



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No Minion Mage ACTUALLY WORKS?! — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone



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47 thoughts on “No Minion Mage ACTUALLY WORKS! — Ashes of Outland — Hearthstone

  1. This one was painful to watch. So many misplays and the game was won purely by luck. I cant even keep count where all the blizzards and nova even came from in the end lol.

  2. I also crafted this deck but i wonder which one sounds better the reno spell mage or quest spell mage 🤔🤔 (I played reno spell mage it's fun!!)

  3. Yo can someone count just how many times he froze his entire board, because damn, poor guy just couldnt do shit for so many turns haha

  4. Played against no minion mage a few times now with my quest hunter, which is doing very well (you and I have been playing that since it’s release and we won’t give it up!) and was pleasantly surprised when he wrecked me. This is a good deck.

  5. lol, sure it ACTUALLY WORKS… against the worst druid player alive in conjunction with the best luck draws when you need them.

    i.e.: complete luck if you win.


  6. So this is the deck I violated with Highlander hunter lol Love when people can't think for themselves and copy YouTube decks

  7. This one game shows everything wrong with Hearthstone — and everything right, too. Crazy.

  8. I think Amazing Reno would be better than the Quest, and no Power of Creation seems like a big mistake.

  9. Dude, playing against mage is the most annoying thing in this game, I always run lotheb (it however you say his name) just for them

  10. There is so many people crying for Demon Hunter to get nerfed but it's really not that bad. If you are that against it run quest priest with a lot of taunts and heals. Unless their opener is insane aggro, demon Hunter is easy af. Plus let's not forget holy Nova destroys aggro demon Hunter.

  11. I really wish I had the cards for this mage deck. I love randomness and value even though rng hates me

  12. works?????? i want to see you using against DH's..againts druid is easy…. wanna see against DH …3, 4, 5 matches in a rown. Activision is destroing Blizzard Legacy…they ruined wow and now they are ruining HS… (my main langague is portuguese, so im sorry about my poor english grammar

  13. Hey dekks I made a bomb warrior deck that's been doing decent I was wondering if you'd be willing to try it out. I am also sorry I am not sure how to post a deck if your interested I'll make a deck list. It's been destroying dhs
    i figured out how to post the code
    two decks ive been messing with
    maly otk druid
    bomb warrior
    i hope you try them out and have fun with them as i have im not a pro in deck building but its been fun experimenting currently sitting at 10 gold with bomb warrior

  14. i ran almost the same deck except I used Reno The Amazing hero card instead of the Sky Temple Quest , with good results

  15. Ive been playing a homebrew variation of this. I literally have every freeze spell. What ends up happening is the board and their face is frozen literally until turn 10. Pop Amazing Reno to clear the board and then take full control and win

  16. Tried it and first matchup was a super slow priest. What are the odds? Ended up dying in fatigue with no minions to control boards.

  17. puzzle box gave that 7/7 10 drop reborn then silenced it then cast conjurers calling on it to make another 7/7 with another 10 drop… niccce

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