NO MINIONS ALLOWED! (Spell Mage Viable in Wild?) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

NO MINIONS ALLOWED! (Spell Mage Viable in Wild?) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

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### C O R B
# Class: Mage
# Format: Wild
# 1x (1) Evocation
# 2x (1) Font of Power
# 2x (1) Ice Lance
# 2x (1) Ray of Frost
# 2x (2) Ancient Mysteries
# 2x (2) Frostbolt
# 2x (2) Incanter’s Flow
# 2x (2) Research Project
# 2x (3) Arcane Intellect
# 2x (3) Explosive Runes
# 2x (3) Forgotten Torch
# 2x (3) Frost Nova
# 2x (3) Ice Block
# 2x (4) Fireball
# 2x (5) Apexis Blast
# 1x (6) Aluneth
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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50 thoughts on “NO MINIONS ALLOWED! (Spell Mage Viable in Wild?) | Ashes of Outland | Wild Hearthstone

  1. Is there a reason that firelands portal and power of creation aren't in the deck?

  2. Thank you Roffle ! These daily videos are great. Keep up the good work dude ! 😊👍 I dont have aluneth, i will put reno hero then

  3. I was surprised at how accessible No-Minion Mage was in Standard. Poor little me could put together a pretty successful deck with what small base of cards I have.

    It's nice to watch a better version on your channel. Vicarious fun is still fun.

    Thanks for the video, and the budgeting article on your website. Helpful as hell.

  4. Wheres Yogg box? Spell mage aint spell mage without the box! Stop thinking outside the box!

  5. What about double emperor on 2x double spell damage demons + mechathun + galvanizer + the 5 Mana deal 4 damage board wipe? (I replied to skrillz comment with this already but I thought I'd also comment to increase chance of u seeing) (sorry I'm rubbish with names)

  6. I would agree that DH doesn't have enough control cards to make it viable for that playstyle. What do you think of the Kael'thas DH list?

  7. Why no book of specters instead of arcane intellect? Draws 1 more for 1 less mana.

  8. The Elder Scrolls Legends has better interface descriptions. It displays the name, cost, keywords and stats of the summoned unit next to the main one.

  9. Guys quick question: the expansion gives you a legendary when you log in (Not talking about kaelthas) and one in the first 5 deck or only the latter?

  10. Are envocation and aluneth really needed in this deck? I'm a poor dust player but I like the idea of this non-minions mage! Roffle, I'd like to hear your advice. Best regards from Russia!

  11. Awe no primordial glyph or firelands portal. Seems like either is better then font of power in this deck

  12. Omg Roffle, I love Mage Class and to see you bring Mage to another level with no minions at all, I am really impressed, thank you so much for your video! Always love to see you trying on different decks for different class!

  13. 529th cards, can u slow down when u play new cards so i can read the effects without having to stop the video in the right instants

  14. hey Roffleino, can you play some kind of Discolock with the new Nightshade Matron and Hand of Gul’dan? Another deck I’m sure some would like to see is deathrattle hunter.

  15. I'm surprised that Firelands portal wasn't in the deck especially with Incanter Flow to make it cheaper.

    Some cool stuff!

  16. Some day u should surprise your audience by not wearing a black v neck t-shirt and instead wear one that has a round neck

  17. 14:45 can't really agree with this, aggro war is a thing even if the hero power does not fit at all. DH has a lot of control spells, some lifesteal, value, … I think there might be something good to do with DH control, but I don't know if it will be good enough for wild

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