NO MINIONS IN DRUID!?! Which No-Minion Deck is Best: Mage or Druid? | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

We all thought No-Minion Mage was going to be the star deck built around exclusively spells this expansion, but now I’m wondering if it’ll be No-Minion Druid!


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Deck Spotlight | Hearthstone | NO MINIONS IN DRUID!?! Which No-Minion Deck is Best: Mage or Druid?


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42 thoughts on “NO MINIONS IN DRUID!?! Which No-Minion Deck is Best: Mage or Druid? | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. DH win rate is kinda funny considering i had a 100% win rate against it with pure paladin with a ton of heal cards.

  2. 24:36 Slight misplay? Instead of using the Rising Winds and then the Twinspell generated version that came off it you should have used the other Rising Wind so you have the additional spell in hand for an extra 2/2 from the Glowfly Swarm.

  3. Hello Regis, little investment question, do you recommend crafting all these rare cards from DH that will probably get nerfed, bc we’ll get the dust back right ? By the way loved this deck and might play it as well it’s cheap and awesome good job !!

  4. I definitely would use spelldruid list of kibler because things like ysera are soo strong, you just want them in the deck

  5. For some reason I'm much more interested in non demon hunter or strictly demon hunter counter decks than actual demon hunter itself

  6. I feel like this deck wants stelladris and maybe vargoth or thalnos or something. The restriction on deckbuilding is a lot lower for this than the mage deck. As long as you can dump your minions early and generate spells off them you aren’t seeing any downside. Just a question of whether any minions are good enough that fit this criteria

  7. Druid vs priest :
    D: I summon a full board!
    P: I remove a full board!
    D: I summon another full board!
    P: I remove the other full board!
    D: I summon a full board that summons a full board!
    P: I remove the full board so that it can't summon a full board
    D: I summon a full board!
    P: Are you serious?!?

  8. I have been playing a similar deck (now I will obviously just copy yours lol) and not once did Crystalsong Portal fail to give me a Cenarius

  9. i agree about the DH nerfs except the lifesteal weapon as I created a control DH which relies on the healing and now I will just die before I will control the board

  10. The thing that makes that win rate even more sick from Demon Hunter is that its 56% with over 50% of players already being demon hunters just think of the win rate vs non demon hunters…

  11. I love you and your videos Regis but I hate when you perpetuate zero brain no skill decks like this, token druid has been one of the most cancerous decks for a while now because it's impossible to fuck up playing it and it's just reload after reload and if you fail at clearing one big load you lose. It's literally just a game of oh well I hope my opponent doesnt have that card.

  12. I guess mage had zephrys and realised he had many doubles in his deck.

  13. Let’s play everyone’s favorite game, “Did that priest even change his deck going into this new expansion” and as we are looking at our first contestant it looks like he used a singular skeletal dragon, he may have had another one in there but it’s hard to tell. Looks also like he ran the new legendary reliquary of souls, not a big suprise there as Regis rated that card 4(?) stars on his review. But that’s it folks two new cards catch us back here next time Regis plays a priest

  14. hay regis u plan on giving handbuff hunter a chance ? in wild its hilarious with knuckles and other buzlky minions that deal direct dmg to face

  15. Blizzard: let’s change druids play style and create interesting big Druid, taunt Druid, dragon Druid, highland Druid etc.

    Druid since it’s creation: Force of nature savage roar am I a joke to you

  16. Heyyyyy that's the deck I brewed on day 1 and got stomped by every DH 🙂 but does great vs everything else

  17. Thank you HSReplay for keeping us informed…. Are they one of our sponsors or did I just give a free plug no one will look at anyway?

  18. DemON HunTEr NeEd NeRf. Yeah well this deck completely oblitarates it, at least the slower versions that don't kill you in first 6 turns, and even those get countered by Handlock and Control Warrior/Priest. Some of the cards are OP, but once the other classes get some experimentation, situations like this will happen all the time where people find out broken decks that are beating current Tier 1 decks.

    Like how do you fight this archetype for example? Play 6 boardclears to clear all Forest's Aids? Kill him before he plays them? Maybe… so I have to turn aggro, because this deck is completely busted in mid to late-game? What a nice design…! It's so much more annoying than anything Demon Hunter has, because the only thing you do this this deck is "make a board, buff board, sent board to face, repeat" and nothing else…

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