NON-WOCK POGOS?! ULTRA FAIL! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Pogos? don’t try it. Pogos without Shudderwock, leave it to the professionals!
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40 thoughts on “NON-WOCK POGOS?! ULTRA FAIL! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Ok my dude. That is a bit mean. I played pogo with golden hero power. I goldened brann and dominated the game so hard that I beat most players and got two pogo over 150/150 stars.

  2. Why wasn't selling small golden pogo an option to increase pogo pool? There were a few turns where big pogo carried and would have made this possible to buy more pogos that buff far more strongly.

  3. He should have sold the smaller golden Pogo to have more in the pool. Seemed silly not to. Maybe that's in retrospect though.

  4. Could have done a lot better on that as well.. no reason for a big demon play in my opinion, you have nothing aside from the first hit on your baby cobalt that needed protected.. as well as the obvious one of you should've taunted the smaller pogo.. And I'm not just saying that because you lose because of it.. I thought of it the moment you taunted it.. not many enemy minions has more than ~30 hp at that point on the game. Was fun video and worth the like. Lol pogo away

  5. In how many expansions is Blizzard bringing Battlegrounds back? All I see is Kel'Thuzads offered.

  6. I played pogos last night near end game and ended up winning. 6hp into a 8win streak. No bran, just pogos and triples + the battlecry dude

  7. It's kind of funny, as soon as he put the Annoy-O-Module on the bigger pogo I was like, 'hmmm, maybe you should have put it on the smaller one since a single poison will destroy your build otherwise'. Lo and behold.

  8. Doesn't a tripple pogo take out 3 pogos of the card pool? So if he has two tripple pogos basically six pogos are out and thats why he couldn't find any?

  9. Too bad they made Battlegrounds unplayable free 2 play. The RNG on the heroes make it you almost never get a competitive hero. Was really enjoying , but not enough to grind 2500 gold for a perk that lastst 3 months and the price is too high for the bundle imo.

  10. Hey Kripp. This is Pogo's mom. Thanks for taking him into your battlefield. He said you picked him a lot today. He came home happy even though you guys lose the game. I am hoping you are going to pick him more later. Thanks.

  11. At 5:50 Kripp needed to sell his 1/1 pogo before buying the third to triple. On this turn it would leave him with a 5/5 pogo and a 9/9 pogo and saved the 2/1 demon, which is only slightly worse than a 22/22. On the next turn he could triple to get a 39/39 pogo which is a top tier minion for the rest of the game. It also adds an extra pogo to the pool.

  12. I had this experience before. Early bran with pogos, ez 1st place right? However, blizzard secretly nerfed the appear rate of pogos so I ended up with like 7th with two plain pogos. it was so miserable that really made me ponder why do pogos exist in bgs

  13. I dont care what anyone says, pogos is still my favourite fun strat. I get excited everytime Shudderwock comes up.

  14. As soon as he taunted the pogo, I knew he was gonna get sniped by a poison

  15. It amazes me how he constantly taunts his biggest minion (Annihilan battlemasters, pogos etc). It literally gives the opponent an easy counter with poisonous. As long as you dodge poisonous from hitting your massive minions like this then you usually have an easy win even with bad fight RNG. The positives of taunting the big minion are massively outweighed by the negatives.

  16. You can basically watch the video without watching the video by just reading all the Kripperinos out there lmao

  17. i think that when you get your second golden pogo, you should sell the first one, cus it puts 3 more pogos in the pool

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