Not Gracefully - Live at Heartstone Farm & Winery

Here is a live performance video of «Not Gracefully» by November Sound. Melissa, Bill and Will shown performing in an outdoor acoustic setting as a voice, keyboard and cajon trio.

Here is the original recorded version.

Creating music is a big part of our life but we also love to perform live whenever we can … even in this smaller acoustic set up.
Thank you to all of our friends around the world!
If you are local to the CT, RI, MA area we can perform live music — originals and covers of classic jazz, modern pop and popular favorites.
Voice & Piano duo | Voice, Keys, Cajon trio | Voice, Keys, Drums trio | Voice, Keys, Drums & Guitars full band

Vineyard at Hillyland, Heartstone Farm and Winery, Arrowhead Acres, Lebanon Green Vineyards, Blackledge River Tavern, Blackledge Country Club, Willimantic Country Club, Preston Ridge Vineyard, Cassidy Hill Vineyard, Hops 44, Grill 37, Arrigoni Winery, Brooklyn Fair, Hebron Fair, Lakeview


7 thoughts on “Not Gracefully — Live at Heartstone Farm & Winery

  1. This is a very lovely and tender song …….. ??? ……. Where's my hanky? ………. "PHHHHLLLLLSSSSSSHHHH SNORT !!!!!"

  2. very nice!!!! the percussionist / drummer playing on that box sounds very good. A Great live performance of the November Sound again.

  3. Well done live performance. Beautiful setting. Nicely done! Just subscribed. I recently started posting weekly on YouTube myself and much to my surprise, I find that I really enjoy the creative process. Keep it up! 👏👏👏👏😎✌

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