NOW THOSE ARE SOME HUGE DRAGONS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Some of the biggest Dragons you’ll ever see hit my BG game!
Kripp’s Hearthstone Stream ⭐

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42 thoughts on “NOW THOSE ARE SOME HUGE DRAGONS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. kripp i tried this strategy and i got eighth place! your strategies dont work at all!

  2. Actually you lose stats, since you lost 66 stats by selling the cobalt scalebane and you only buffed an extra +6/+6 for each of your 6 minions. So you lost stats

  3. Why in Kripp streams we don't see the names of the players, just the heroes? Like everyone else

  4. It is I Murderino by Kripperino (courtersy of Bobal27).

    Here to tell you that in this game Kripp had killed 2 players in total and those kills are considered —

    Manslaughter (Dealt 15 or less damage)
    Took 14 damage taken out of the game from 12 health
    Took 11 damage killing him from 4 health

    Murder (Dealt more than 15 but no more than 25)

    Massacre (Dealt more than 25 damage)

  5. For anyone wondering: getting the second kalecgos gain him 7/7 x 5 =35/35 after dropping cobalt: so his net gain was +15/15 in raw stat difference…… This is the math for a SINGLE kalecgos not including the other kalecgos, strongshell and defender of argus stats.

  6. I f'ing hate when people do that ear-rape thing with the mic, but thank you for doing it kripp. Really appreciate my ears being raped.

  7. what he says in beginning? Hey guys, how it`s going, Krippariran here? or Hey guys, how it`s going preparing here?

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