OCTOSARI, HAKKAR, & BOOMZOOKA!?! Dream Meme Team Against Embiggen Druid! | Hearthstone

This is one of the most ridiculous games I’ve ever played, because it’s one of the worst decks I’ve ever played but it still does some absolutely absurd things!

#DescentOfDragons #DragonsDecks #RegisKillbin

Highlight | Hearthstone | OCTOSARI, HAKKAR, & BOOMZOOKA!?! Dream Meme Team Against Embiggen Druid!


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39 thoughts on “OCTOSARI, HAKKAR, & BOOMZOOKA!?! Dream Meme Team Against Embiggen Druid! | Hearthstone

  1. Tunnel Blaster isn’t legit OP but it is harder to deal with than most ever gave it credit for. But that guy’s play against it with the Swipe and both Surgers was just bloody stupid.

  2. I just love how you can feel the panic about the corrupted blood drawing closer and closer in the opponent's actions, like he started making so much misplays the distress was real

  3. Awesome game! As always, Hakkar betrays. Btw, LOVE the look of Mo’arg Regis on the ending title card, looks badass!

  4. Interesting that Zul'jin re-cast Hakkar's Blood even though you burned it instead of casting it. Does it do this for other auto-casting spells?

  5. I happened across your channel researching potential demon hunter decks and I wanted to say I think you're such a great content creator. You have such a natursl charisma and I've enjoyed all of the videos I've seen so far. Excited to see more of what you do!

  6. I burst out laughing more than once in that game. That was very amusing to say the least. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Lol sorry but seeing a countdown to a prologue that takes less than 5 min to beat and then can’t even play the cards after or more chapters after is hilarious 😂

  8. rofl omg When I read this title I was like wtf…can you somehow trigger octosari for your opponent after Hakar?! But nope, just plays Hakar and Octo legit off Boom Zooka and lives^^

  9. It’s 0613 in the morning in New Jersey currently. I put my phone down and walk away to cast (0) Preparation on my morning coffee and all I hear it “BURN A BLOOD! “BURN A BLOOD!”

  10. I feel like there is literally zero reason to watch your stream, since 90 percent of your videos are just you streaming

  11. “Is tunnel blaster legit op?” No, your opponent is bad and made oasis surger copy instead of making it a 7-7 and having it live. Sorry Regis <3 10:40

  12. I get it, 1) play boomzooka on 7 for 24/24 in stats 2) all of it dies, one of it kills a 4/6 3) burn 5-8 cards through octosari 4) play hakkar with 5 cards left to opponent's 16! Legend Rank 1 here I come!!

    Literally worst deck i've ever seen on a stream

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