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22 thoughts on “Okay Maybe We Give up on the Fungalmancer Flurgl Strategy | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Was this a noob stream or did dog just choose to reply to the most stupid chat comments

  2. Hey man can you zoom in your face for your next videos please? My girlfriend really likes you

  3. 4000 MMR Twitch Chat triggers the f*ck out of me holy shit. LET THE MAN PLAY!!

  4. Dog every Murloc game: Tidehunter sucks so much
    Also every game: Tidehunter by far the strongest unit solocarrying every fight

  5. What don't people understand about Flurgl? You just get to five asap with a couple murlocks then you never have to roll again. Every Murlock you sell is half the time another battlecry murlock and you self select for triples and tokens which gives you more gold and more battlecries. You just win the game at that point. All this fucking around in the early game isn't correct because it's not playing to the hero's strength. The hero's strength if you have a method to self select for cards you want that are very powerful without the need to roll and you get triples SUPER easy.

  6. I think golden Ghastcoiler should summon two golden minions instead. It should work with the golden version of all minions which summon other minions with their deathrattle.

  7. I do 1st with this hero half of the time at 8k. And I gotta say Dog did a lot of mistakes but got incredibly lucky. Smart dude but even chat was smarter here, too bad Dog haven't been listening.

  8. Never level to five? You… You mean where the best murlocs are? Y'all mean where a triple could get you megasaur or holy mackerel? Chat is pepega

  9. Can someone explain the Flurgl build to me I can’t find it online

  10. Why do you have to play only Murlocs from the start and sell your units? What about making a stronger mixed build at the beginning and go Murlocs after you reach Tavern Tier 3, while also picking all Murloc tokens on the way. Murlocs need health so the real Murloc build starts with Coldlight Seer's buffs. You usually keep no more than two or three of your early Murlocs for the end game — one Tidecaller (more often than two), a Murk-Eye and a Warleader.

  11. I think you played okay given what you were offered. But man, you should really just stay on tier 1 until you get tidehunters. Tier 3 is also really good to stall on.

  12. I always laugh my ass off when dog gets upset with chat dumbness. Thats why he's the pro player and we are the beloved chat.

  13. The only thing chat was right about this game was the sell before you play a murloc bit at the start

  14. I mean idk cause I cant see the chat but it sounds like he was mad at people offering opinions of what they would have done

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