OMG THAT MUROZOND TRANSITION! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Murozond is one of the most underrated cards in all of the Battlegrounds. Buy them all up!
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40 thoughts on “OMG THAT MUROZOND TRANSITION! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I know that ppl like the intro buy with the recent patch I often skip the intro so I can watch the video spoilerfree

  2. Are you guys on vacation or something? Isn't this another game from day 1 of the update?

  3. I wonder how OP a 3/2 4* dragon which says "Whenever a dragon deals damage, it deals damage equal to this minions attack" would be. E.g. If it were buffed to 9 attack, Herald of The Flame would deal 9 damage on attack and on overkill… insane. But the trade-off is that it can entirely nerf your board before it's buffed. The effect is removed when the dragon is killed, obvs.

  4. 5:41 that opponent did a mistake, could just wait a turn and transform that megasaur into another tier 6 minion.
    10:31 "he killed a guy last round", yeah, but it was that player who was almost last and had a very weak board when you destroyed him with a 6 star unit.

  5. Still wondering where he finds the opponents that let him get away with that early game and get to level 5. I'm at 6K and my opponents don't let me play a weak ass build and level like that. It's really BS.

  6. 9:07 Doubled Murzond gave you 2 different cards that makes the Golden Amalgam game from the other even crazier!

    Well that was high-roll 😛

  7. 6:22 Mistake — should have sold golden 2/2 on board instead of selling 1/1 in hand. Could've gotten 1 more golden there with bran + enough board space.

    1. Sell golden 2/2 on board = 2+1 gold.
    2. Buy 2/1 murloc and play it = Instant triple (summon two 1/1 with bran + 1/1 murloc in hand)

  8. If you angled it right, you could sell all your minions and play against someone who sold all their minions and you both only have a board of Brann and Murazond, then next turn play another murazond and begin the infinite chain.

  9. Golden Murazond give you golden versions also I just won the game with bran and golden Murazond

  10. Learning how to play the game a whole lot better watching your videos! Good job! Love this game and keep up the videos 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Played murozond with brann got 2 vulgar homunculus, and died from exact damage with important stuff on freeze

  12. I swear, a bit of my soul died when he passed on the early Kalegos with Brann on the field

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