OOPS! ALL WEAPONS in the Garbage Deck Challenge | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

What happens when your deck has lots of weapons? Like… a lot of weapons. A bunch. Numerous weapons. Too many weapons.

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Highlight | Hearthstone | OOPS! ALL WEAPONS in the Garbage Deck Challenge


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27 thoughts on “OOPS! ALL WEAPONS in the Garbage Deck Challenge | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

  1. Regis, just have Xzecutus make a pool/queue of "garbage" decks that you can pick and play, so you can make a vid on each deck, but still have a pool/queue of the other decks if you so wish to swap after an immediate win. Then as a bonus you can easily climb the Wild Ladder and in turn give Xzecutus the credit, lmao

  2. My challange for Regis is to win a game through fatigue while your deck has 60 cards.

  3. It literally makes no sense what so ever not to put the quest in the deck. You are playing a weapon deck… you are going to have so much unspent mana… put the stupid quest in the deck. There literally isn’t a single more powerful card in your entire deck than the quest.

  4. Totalbiscuit would be proud. He ran a deck like this as Lord of the Gimmicks, an all weapon Warrior. Called it Master At Arms. If you didn't know, his main drive in content was doing things like this; crazy decks out of only one property or mechanic. He originated the All Legendaries Deck way, way back when HS was still in beta.
    You should do more of these. No one will ever be the Lord again but we have needed more Patrons of the Gimmicks for years.
    I just recently ran a deck like this in Wild. It falls on its face a lot. But sometimes it's an 8/4 Ogre Warmaul to the opponent's slow greedy meta face. Can be fun times.

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