OP Budget Face Hunter To Legend! | Ashes Of Outland | Hearthstone

No legendaries, no adventure cards only 1 epic. Budget Face Hunter is a mega cheap deck and it just wins. You opponent can’t even play their expensive cards because they don’t life long enough to have the mana!

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21 thoughts on “OP Budget Face Hunter To Legend! | Ashes Of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Been watching your videos since I was in high school, four years give or take, and you've always had amazing content. You've always been yourself and very enjoyable to watch. I remember lots of days I wouldn't even pay a ton of attention to the video, I'd just have you playing in the background while I did other stuff. Starting to turn into a nostalgic feeling when I hear that woo-loo at the beginning. Never change my man, you the best.

  2. I own gorefiend and dragonbane, do you recommend those in the deck? If yes, what should I replace? Im struggling with facehu ter atm and its my only deck (dusted a lot for it, f2p n stuff). Ill try out the non porcupine buildway

  3. Rob! Thanks for the video, I feel like a friend even tho we haven't met. It's been a long day, 12 hour shifts all week. And just being able to watch your vids, makes the day better. Keep it up, never stop.

  4. Congrats on hitting legends with free to play decks. Now if only you could go up legend ranks by winning games life would be good

  5. Great job to legend with just budget decks!!!

    Hope u do this kinda climb every new season.. Its great content for us non legend players…. Inspiring!!!!

  6. I think you should maybe update this video mate… The nerf of scavengers ing took a lot of value of this card maybe there are better options I run scrap shot instead I think it fits pretty well in the playstyle of this Deck

  7. Love this deck, really fun to play. You all need to check this out along with this guy twitch if you have time. Super fun time 😀

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