Origin of the Dwarves - World of Warcraft Lore

Origin of the Dwarves, how they were created and how they reached the current point in the World of Warcraft Lore.
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In this video I talk about the origin of the dwarves. Going from how they were originally created to how they turned into the dwarves that we have today in World of Warcraft Legion.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.


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30 thoughts on “Origin of the Dwarves — World of Warcraft Lore

  1. dorons, what is lich the undead magic power actually?? arcane or void or fel? and also, about illidans, he used to be an arcane mage or something that use arcane, but now, he become a demon hunter.. does it means that he forsake is arcane knowledge and become a fel magic user? or perhaps demon hunters is something more than it?? because u mention that demon hunters need to drink demons blood which means they put fel magic inside their body… sorry for my bad sentence, i come from Indonesia not Europeans or American country

  2. This is a good youtuber because he wished me good luck on my exams and i passed them 😀 thanks doron! Great vid btw!

  3. Nobell obnoxiously rolls his tongue too much, I like you more. sub'd

  4. Really wish we would have gotten Earthen Dwarves and High Elves instead of Darkirons and Void Elves.

  5. do they live forever, do they breed, how many are there relative to other races, hows strong is there leader, why did they choose their current leader, wuts their politics?

  6. I can't wait to express my imagination
    WoW isn't free enough to play around with the ideas they gave me
    Drawing stuff doesn't get there fast nor enjoyably enough
    Imagination isn't consistent and I can barely see anything
    VR with AI is going to be awesome, can't wait !!!

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