OVER EXPLAINING MY FISH GAME! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — How to murlocs, the Kripp way.
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48 thoughts on “OVER EXPLAINING MY FISH GAME! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Nerf for murlocks is obviously coming. Late game is all about who switches to murlocks first.

  2. How you usually lose with murlocs:
    Initially you play some mixed strats, with cannons and whatnot, if you have good hero power you are doing well. Then, you get a triple on tavern tier 3 so you level up to tavern 4 to get a tier 5 unit. You get no brann and no bagurgle: this is where the disaster starts, and also your hero health starts rapidly decreasing. You spend almost all your gold to level up from tavern 4 to 5, this is when you take the second major hit in your hero's face. Then you roll on 5 and you get nothing, maybe 1 bagurgle if lucky. You get the 3rd massive hit in the face (usually from some baron rivendaire comps, those hit you like a truck). You lose the game, take place 6, say bye bye to those MMR points you got when playing mid-range comps.

  3. How kripp figures being 94.1% likely to loose, equals being favoured to win, I'll never understand. It's kinda sad that basically every single game he lies, to make himself seem more unlucky than he actually is. In reality he has the exact same luck as everyone else, though he doesn't seem eager to admit it 😂

  4. So I don't usually play this game and just watch Kripp because it's Kripp, tried it yesterday and got the god of roles for murlocs in other words golden brann

  5. Man I feel for that last dude. Imagine getting to the last enemy, so close to a perfect game, only to get obliterated by pds murlocs.

  6. Kripp being super real with how he treats his fans. No matter how succesful you get in life, gotta stay humble to the people who support you. Mad respect man

  7. Its so nice to see him be this talkative, and obviously in a good mood. Love the content, keep it hp man.

  8. Battlegrounds since the beginning summarised "Ouu early stuff! So many different minions to pick! Mid range build! New expansions!" enters late game "Murlocs! Just murlocs. Get a bran and megasaur and random murlocs win 999999% of the time!" .

  9. the last play was… I mean I agree with his logic, but if you KNOW he has a taunt, why make the 3-1 go first? It achieved literally nothing that way. It didn't matter, Im sure it probably wouldn't have mattered in any case, and was just a bit of "exercise", but that's not the way to do it.

  10. go watch reckful on twitch, it's rerunning his hearthstone content currently. If you pretend that he's just not reading chat, it's like he's still there PepeHands

  11. I feel like I only enjoy BG nowadays if murlocs tribe is not included. Given murloc can already get poison and out stat most other late game build, I feel megasaur should be removed and introduce some other ways to buff murloc individually instead of everything at once.

  12. Damn I’ve never wanted to give money to a twitch streamer but the pure level of genuine honor and ethics that Krip has makes me happy to watch every ad and give him money.

  13. Why do you think Murlocs are hard to pull off… Unironically one of the easier builds, its 90% RNG

  14. the salt from the guy who went from being undefeated to losing to divine murloc is very delicious

  15. Could you try NOT to play murlocs for a week? Is so damn boring to see that gameplay,,,,

  16. Murlocs require decision making… I just force quit my rating to 5k, back up to 6.3k purely forcing murlocs. I hate murlocs, all you have to do is a get a very slight few buffs on tier 3 and you're pretty much set for a top 4 and top 1 if you can squeeze in a brann/megasaur (although even no brann mega can top 4 you if you get DS), had a run where I toxfinned all my murlocs and just got DS and it was an easy win

  17. Does someone know if amalgadon gets buff from cards in hando too? It looks like to me but not sure

  18. I never understood people complaining about kripp going murlocs. There is only 4 good builds in bg. I enjoy murloc games the most, because it is more difficult to pull off.

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