Overgrowth Embiggen Druid Is OP! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

Ramp Overgrowth Embiggen Druid is just nuts. Being able to cheat huge amounts of mana out quickly then play giant minions that have taunt/rush or generate other big minions just wins games.

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28 thoughts on “Overgrowth Embiggen Druid Is OP! | Ashes Of Outlands | Hearthstone

  1. Played this deck with few different cards myself. It is great. Anyways, great background and keep on slayin' Shack.

  2. You are literally the best and most enjoyable hs-streamer to watch. Every new upload is pure gold. Just hit legend with res priest and the new legendary spell and prime. 😀

  3. Can you explain the thought process behind not playing embiggen turn 1? I thought it was always correct to hit as many minions as possible with them.

  4. Hi again. Wanted to leave a comment to help out. Only a few YouTube channels for Hearthstone that I enjoy watching, so thank you for posting.

  5. You know its funny when I first saw the list pop up in the video I was thinking, "Where is the druid Prime card? I should ask him what his reasoning is behind not playing it." But then I watched through the whole video to wait to see if you covered that and low and behold you did. Just glad I had the common sense not to be one of those people that rushes to the comments to ask a needless question that was answered in the video. Anyway, this was a great video and I have been climbing with my own version of this deck, although I'm only at platinum 5 atm. I run the three mana imprisoned minion that discounts a minion in your hand and it has felt pretty good so far so it could be interesting for you to try. If not that's cool just sharing my experience with the deck.

  6. Those final words has me cracking up. We swap numbers, go on a date and it doesn't work out. Then the video abruptly ends lol.

  7. Thoughts on a big druid dragon package with frizz kindleroost for that synergy with big dragons like Ysera?

  8. One thing i dont understand, great player, great videos and cool dude, how is it possible no more people know you? Man publicity the shit oit off the shack!!! Lets gooooooo 100k sub by end of 2020

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