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Hey What’s up you beauties! Here are some of my tips on how to improve your aim in overwatch. I wanted to talk about some pro aiming tips I think you guys all should know. I think there are a lot get better quick aiming guides out there that aren’t really helpful when trying to improve your aim. So I wanted to create a legit aiming guide with some detailed information on how to improve your aim like the pros in Overwatch.


Anyway that advice was simple enough, but the reasoning behind it is that as you practice these fundamentals your hand eye coordination will become exponentially better. I can promise you that if you spend at least just 15 minutes a day deliberately practicing each of these skills, your aim will improve, and so will your rank. BUT I DON’T HAVE 15 mins you say? I call BS I know the scandalous things you guys like to do so I know you can spare 15 mins if you really want to.

If you want Pro Aim you first need to figure out your sensitivity
The first fundamental is mouse sensitivity, without the proper sensitivity you are going to be over aiming or under aiming in many team fights. Mouse Sensitivity is the foundation for playing this game in my opinion and making this adjustment is vital to any Overwatch player who wants to improve their aim. Every player is different, so everyone’s mouse sensitivity is going to be different. I like mine low and have it at about 5 right now. So find what a comfortable sensitivity is for you with this next tip.

So in the practice range you need to aim your cross hairs at the robots eye. Strafe left to right, and if you can smoothly keep crosshairs on the eye your sensitivity is probably where it needs to be. If not adjust until you can smoothly keep your crosshairs on the robots one eye like so. Haha one eye.

Once you have found your appropriate sensitivity, the next drill I recommend would be to do stationary head shots while dragging your crosshairs into position. I think it is important that you did these from right to left and top to bottom. You will find out where you have weaknesses in your aiming. Like for me for example I have a harder time moving my crosshairs form left to right. Also be sure Make accuracy a priority

These exercises are done by players in the top 500 hundred pro players and are solid fundamentals for anyone of anyone to follow of any skill rank and I do them daily as well. To increase the difficulty of the head shot exercise feel free to strafe the stationary robots but make sure you are landing every shot.

Once you are comfortable with the first two drills you should move on to tracking. And We aren’t talking about tracking that hot girl from class, doing that shit will land you in jail. Sorry reaper you creep! First I think it is important to practice your tracking without firing. Go to the part of the training facility where the bots are moving and pick one to track. Track the bot with your cross hairs on its head and move around similar to how you would in a game like I am showing you here.

The next step would be to move to higher ground and repeat this process. Once you feel comfortable with that, start tracking the bots while firing at them. From the low and high ground as well. This will simulate a game situation in a low stress environment. Allowing you to develop your Aim in the most constructive environment.

This tip uses all of the fundamentals that we discussed earlier. You are going to face the wall like this example here. Then you are going to turn towards the moving bots and kill them as fast as you can simulating a higher stress situation. Other than that this one is pretty self-explanatory it uses all the fundamentals we have touched on and simulates clutch game scenarios. Practice this tip until you are feeling confident in your aiming ablilties

Seriously though practicing each skill a day for 3 mins is a total of 15 mins. If you can dedicate yourself to that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to climb the ranks and improve your rank in overwatch. It’s not a large time investment and you will see improvement if you stay dedicated.

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30 thoughts on “Overwatch: Pro Aiming Tips You Need To Know – Technical Practice Guide (PC/PS4/Xbox)

  1. The bot always move up and down and so i can't aim right while I straf. what do I do?

  2. This is the best aim video I have ever seen. I train my aim with your tips for about 10 minutes a day. I have seen a huge improvement in my aim, and I've only been doing this for a few days. This has really helped me.

  3. Thx now I can maybe be a good genji my life has ended the day a saw him

  4. My first main was symettra then soldier then Reinhardt then Mcree then zenyatta now I play roadhog and mei

    But I have fun with everybody

  5. You know ur addicted to this game when u have more hours watching these vids then actually playing the game

  6. ACTUALLY in league of legends you should know multiple roles just like this game. Shows how much u know. O.o

  7. You cannot go into that direction and then start giving us tips about aiming… That's just mean man.
    Edit: Practice, Snipe, Swift Strike.

  8. This is the cringiest intro to a youtube video I've ever seen. You sir, are a true creeper.

  9. your mixed attitudes are what makes your advice feel invalid
    you give good, mature, wise advice, [voice tone and everything]
    and then you come say something pathetic, and add your opinion.

    bad contrasting

  10. man you are hilarious lol. I'll try this practice, but I don't know how much it will help me lol. Those pros have ridiculous aim. shit looks like they have aim bots. perfect tracking on the body. They know exactly where the body is going. no idea how the fuck!!!!!!!! great video man 🙂

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