Overwatch - Top 5 Most Powerful Heroes

Overwatch — Top 5 Most Powerful Heroes According to Lore!
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48 thoughts on “Overwatch — Top 5 Most Powerful Heroes According to Lore

  1. I disagree with Symmetra she is very weak also plus SHE CAN'T HEAL THAT'S HER WEAKNESS EVEN THO THEY SAY SHE IS A SUPPORT like I'm serious her gun is so weak her abilities are worthless and her ultimate even worst she just makes a teleporter that's it very easy for enemies to destroy

  2. Reinhardt should be on the list
    Reinhardt destroyed a army of Bastions like crazy he never lets anything get in his way he'll fight for the entire Overwatch nation also his greatest strength is honor and GLORY ( of course ) he has a rocket jet booster that is useful even after he uses the earthshatter he is also kinda wise about honor also plus he can rival DOOMFIST and Zarya in power

  3. Symmetra is by far the most powerfull character lorewise, she can create anything in seconds and out of thin air

    SOMBRA 0-1
    TRACER 1-1
    WINSTON 3-0
    SYM 0-0
    REAPER 0-2

  5. Doesn't anybody realise that Symmetra can make anything she wants out of light like here is a list of things she can make
    *Crono Exelerator
    *Infinite turrets
    *Black Hole Generator
    That's just a few
    She can make Anything she want by just thinking about it but because of balance Symmetra is not as strong
    And also Symmetra can also makesl cells
    You know where this is going

  6. I still say Doomfist should be at least low on the list. He broke down a reinforced wall without his gauntlet. He also soloed Genji, Tracer, and almost beat Winston

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