Valorant is the hot new game that a lot of your favorite content creators are playing at the moment. I got into the Valorant Beta over the weekend, so I wanted to talk about Valorant and how it compares and holds up to Overwatch.

I am not leaving Overwatch.

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33 thoughts on “OVERWATCH vs. VALORANT

  1. There is little to no recoil idk why u said there is a lot of recoil if there was a lot of recoil I would have to try to control it but I don't have to try and control it. The bloom/bullet spread is the thing you have to control like for the vandal have to tap shoot like 2 bullets and then stop.

  2. Oh boy…. A NEW GAME…..
    Well…. I dont know why But the new games are getting more and more complicated. Even Overwatch was complicated at the time. I know that when you like 1 game you will be interested in it and you will learn it faster. Even when my favorite game right know is Apex Legends that doesnt mean that i like so complicated things. Yes they are fun But its needless to try and learn so much things.
    I dont hate Valorent, i even think to try it But i preffer games with 1 type of style in it like CS GO or TF2. And if someone want to make videos about Valorent i m 100% OK with it!

  3. Lately I have been grinding competitive and I almost unranked from gold to diamond and I am so happy u don't leave ow cause I am actually enjoying.

  4. People think valorant is good lmao, it is already dead. On its "rand beta opening release" it only managed to get 14k viewers and that was because of twich drop gifts. And at that same time overwath was 26k viewers on twitch. This stupid game is chock full of micro transactions and is targeted towards the chinese audience

  5. Let's just take a moment to take that he doesn't like tall girls that's probably why he plays mei 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Bro you Wack: valorant is slow and tactical

    Stewie 2k: sup bitch (as he leeroy jenkins his way around and kills your whole team)

  7. Take a moment for Jeff for not shutting down overwatch and for him not listining to the haters thank Jeff for overwatch😭😢😔👏🏻😭💜

  8. Remember when apex came out and everyone said it would kill fortnite? Then after 3-4weeks nobody talked about it? Thats whats going on with valorent.

  9. Valorant is a shitty cs go with worst graphics and some "characters" and abilities from overwatch.Sorry but thats the truth!

  10. Hey guys I stream overwatch around twice a week if anybody wants just come and check it out it would mean the world

  11. This is the first time I've actually properly seen anything to do with this game and I tell you what it looks/feels like if Csgo, paladins, cod snd and rainbow 6 sige and a baby. But the baby was mostly made up of the crap paladins genes rather than r6/Cs. I don't get why people are talking about this game soo much because it just don't look good in my opinion. Granted yes I haven't played it so I can't fully say its crap. But I have no plans on playing it so yeah. But that's just my opinion.

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