PATCHES = PIRATE KING? NOT ALWAYS... - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Just like all the other themed heroes, consider the tribe, but don’t commit 100%.
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25 thoughts on “PATCHES = PIRATE KING? NOT ALWAYS… — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. The b o a t took many for the team. So many it completely overshadowed the Zapp that attacked twice and still managed to survive to deal 6.

  2. Battlegrounds developers: NOOOOO YOU CAN’T PLAY MURLOCS ON EVERY HERO
    Kripp: he-he murlocs doing mgmfmfmgmgmf

  3. А Пукич заорал бы что "это ловушка", набрал говна, расплакался и начал пиздить стул. Этим и отличается хороший игрок от того кто просто умеет играть — принятием любых стратегий для победы, без нытья и возмущений.

  4. Yesterday I played a game as VanCleef and I wanted to go pirate because of buffing potential, but 4 other people were pirates and I got offered none at all.
    I was however offered a metric ton of murlocs, so I had to pick them to survive. I ended up first with shield/poisonous murlocs, still salty that I didn't get to play pirates lol

  5. Sorry fer me lateness, I had too much rum last night
    Cap'n Kripp commanded a fine ship today, but I reckon he must 'ave only kept it on a lake instead o' going out t' the seas wit' all the freshwater Murlocs he had fer a crew

  6. Patches playing a ship full of Giant Murlocs… Ship is so bad it gets sunk in the first 10 seconds leaving only the Murlocs.

    But hey! At least the Pirates made good Meat Shields!

  7. wow xD yesterday I had a game of patches and got only 1 pirate up to the 8 gold turn and took a shifter zerus…
    and i got kalegos the very next turn soooooo…. i just went dragons :p

  8. Just ñ played patches, got filled with murlocs, golden bran last 2 rounds, buyed 1 pirate first round, never again, super lucky run

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